Mboyiya to appeal fight ban

The career of top East London boxer Aphiwe Mboyiya is in limbo after he was handed a two-year ban for doping.


But his handlers are planning to appeal the ban arguing that the ban did not take into consideration that he did not use a performance enhancing drug (PED).

Mboyiya was found guilty of using a prohibited substance before his fight against Sibusiso Zingane in April.

This at a stage when he struggled to make the weight and ultimately gave up contesting the fight in the prescribed junior lightweight.

He managed to win the fight which was downgraded to a catchweight bout, but his performance was below-par and, in a subsequent urine test by doping officials a banned substance hydrochlorothiazide was detected.

The substance is described as a water-reducing agent and Mboyiya confessed to having used a pill given to him by a fan to help him reduce weight.

The fight against Zingane was arranged to get him back on the winning track after being dethroned by Phila Mpontshane of his SA junior lightweight title five months earlier.

Mboyiya was subsequently summoned to a disciplinary hearing by the SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport (Saids) in East London last month.

According to his manager Kholisile Cengani, Mboyiya admitted to taking the substance.

“We did not have to make things difficult by denying it,” he said.

Yesterday, Saids confirmed that Mboyiya had since been handed a two-year ban effective that is effective from May 26, which is the date of his initial suspension.

“My Mboyiya will not be allowed to participate in any boxing match from May 26 to May 25, 2019,” the statement read.

While insiders were predicting a harsher sentence of four years, of which Cengani admitted to have been informed by Saids at the hearing, the two-year sanction seemed to be a bit fair.

Mboyiya is now 25-years-old, meaning that he could still be able to make something of his career, when he returns at age 27.

But Cengani is arguing that the ban was harsh considering the Mthatha boxer Viwe Mdletyeni who failed a dope test for a much worse substance violation and was only handed a 15 month sanction.

Mdletyeni’s urine sample was found to have been contaminated by methylhexaneamine and furosemide which are listed as PEDs.

“In our case we did not use a PED but a water-reducing agent which should therefore be a far lesser sentence because we were not trying to cheat,” Cengani said.

Cengani who helped Mboyiya’s return to boxing when the boxer went astray after losing his SA featherweight crown to Lusanda Komanisi, said he would not give up on the boxer now.

“He made a mistake for which I am sure he is aware of now.

“ I have invested a lot in this boy.

I have already taken flak on this because my reputation has been tainted but I will soldier on for his sake,” he added.

Cengani said he had already consulted a legal expert to get the ball rolling on the appeal.

However, he is a bit concerned after he claimed Saids warned him that an appeal may result in the sentence being harsher if he loses it.