Court and Handcuffs

The price of justice

AFTER five months of being on trial, Angy Peter and her husband Isaac Mbadu have yet to receive a verdict. In the process, they’ve racked up over R1.6-million in lawyer fees, according to the Social Justice Coalition (SJC).


New ministers hit the ground running – and trip on bombs

IN LESS than 100 days in office, the name Faith Muthambi has moved from relative obscurity to the top of the public discourse, hogging the headliness – albeit for the wrong reasons.


New Brics bank could firm African development mettle

LAST week Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (Brics) announced they are joining forces to establish an alternative to the World Bank. The proposed new Brics bank will be capitalised to the tune of $50-billion (R526-billion) which is about the same size as the World Bank’s loan to Brazil.

Eugene de Kock

OPINION: No one should have to bump into De Kock at the mall

A GROWING number of people, including some surprising names such as Max du Preez, and others more predictable, such as FW de Klerk, seem to believe that Eugene de Kock, head of the Vlakplaas torture camp and death squad, should be released from prison. Here is why I disagree.

eff politicspg4

Does our parliament really represent its people?

“THE people shall govern!”, says the Freedom Charter.

After the Rivonia trial in 1963, Nelson Mandela was jailed and sent to Robben Island. There, he met with apartheid resistance campaigners like Walter Sisulu, whom Mandela is pictured talking with. Picture: Nelson Mandela Foundation

Struggle for freedom still has long, hard road ahead

EVEN the most ardent critics of President Jacob Zuma hold him in high regard for one thing he does well. Damn! The man can sing.


July 16: Bigoted response provides no proper answers

I HAD hoped for an argumentative reaction to my “diatribe” – Vukile Pokwana’s word, “So-called ‘coloured’ debate”, DD July 3 – on the ANC’s nonracialism of a special kind that would require some serious thinking before responding.

Queen Elizabeth II Attends A Commonwealth Heads Of Government Lunch

‘Expelled’ Tsvangirai not prepared to stand down

MORGAN Tsvangirai, the leader of Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the opposition movement that sprung from trade unions, civil society groups and grassroots activists, has been “expelled” from the movement for his ineffectual, “bling’” and undemocratic leadership.

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