Need to read between the expiry date lines

Many consumers don’t fully get the difference between a “best before” and a “sell by” or “use by” date; they just resist buying anything beyond its “expiry date”.

A dagga plantation that has not been sprayed by police helicopters next to a pristine forest Picture: Fields Of Green For All

Cops spraying dagga on Wild Coast a deadly risk

THE article “Storm brews over dagga” (DD, February 17) refers. Central to the debate around the recent aerial spraying of dagga along the Wild Coast by police is the controversy around the safety of glyphosate – the active ingredient in the herbicide Kilo Max used by police in this cannabis control operation.


Ultimately individuals must carry the can for state debt

ONE of the privileges of being the finance minister is having the power to borrow money on your and my behalf.


Time to take control of our past, and our future

“WE TOO in the Eastern Cape are the captains of our souls. We too in the Eastern Cape are masters of our fate,” said the premier, Phumulo Masualle, as he concluded his state of the province address on Friday. 


Tipping point: when citizens lose all faith in the system

SOUTH Africa’s democracy is in crisis because service delivery is failing on three key levels: the state, democratic institutions and “legitimate” institutions such as political parties and trade unions.


Cattle are being stolen

FOR a number of days now, we have been told of how disruptive, rude and silly EFF MPs have become and how they need to be taught who is in charge after they had the nerve to ask President Jacob Zuma some uncomfortable questions and were also “undermining the decorum” of the National Assembly.

EFF members clash with  parliament protection  services during  the State of the Nation Address in Cape Town. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER

Roots of parliament chaos

The violent eviction by plainclothes police of the entire EFF caucus during President Jacob Zuma’s recent state of the nation address (Sona) has caused many to wonder if the country is at a tipping point.


Xenophobia: dispelling myths, explaining reality

Recent attacks on foreign-owned shops reveal that the negative attitudes of many South Africans towards foreign nationals remain mostly unchanged since the 2008 attacks and murders.

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