Zuma nuclear deal far from done and dusted

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma may well have made a political deal with President Vladimir Putin for Russia to supply South Africa with eight nuclear reactors. Many suspect so, and the rumours have been strong since early last year when a series of circumstances coincided to stoke the mill.


ANC: focus on weakness

Like never before, the seats in our national parliament and other provincial legislatures have recently become seats of political squirming. Doubtless, this has, in part, been occasioned by the arrival of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).


Inherited patriarchy not cause worth celebrating

We are encouraged to treat Heritage Month as an occasion for celebration. Heritage refers to inheritance, what has been bequeathed to us by our forebears and also what we transmit to future generations.

Anele Nkoyi

SA must unshackle chains that prevent free education

SINCE my arrival at an institution of higher learning in 2008 until my departure in last year, and even today,

GRIM TASK: Nigerian rescue workers search through rubble from the collapsed guesthouse at the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos. Survivors are still being found among the rubble
after the collapse on September 12. At least 67 South Africans are among those missing presumed to be victims of the collapse Pictures: EPA

Church collapse sends a warning for all meetings

From what has emerged from the Lagos church tragedy it is clear that tele-evangelist TB Joshua was totally unprepared to manage this disaster. Ironically it struck on September 12 – only one day after the 9/11 anniversary and nine days before the first anniversary of Nairobi’s Westgate Mall tragedy.


Empowering information revolution ready to roll

MANY people do not realise that poor information dissemination begets inequality. Over the last 20 years government has created numerous opportunities for people to get out of poverty. A number of these opportunities have passed many communities by, due to poor information accessibility, especially for rural communities.


False divide posed between legislature, executive and PP

WHILE many eyes have been glued to the drama that played out in parliament during the debate of no confidence in the speaker, it is possible to miss the structural implications, the erosion of the standing of parliament and other public institutions, potentially crippling democratic rule.


No signs Mbete’s worthy to speak as SA president

IN RECENT media reports, Baleka Mbete, the speaker of the National Assembly and the chairwoman of the ANC, indicated that she believes she is ready for the top job: being president of South Africa.

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