ANCYL acting president Ronald Lamola

Vote-buying growing in youth league

THERE are members of the ANC  Youth   League  who claim  their chances of being elected to the organisation’s top leadership depend on “whether your vote buys whisky, cigars or a Brazilian weave”.


Difficult questions about ukuthwala and violence

Are rape and force legitimate parts of custom? When a man raises ukuthwala as a defence to rape, assault and trafficking, what consideration should these assertions be given?

Prince Mashele

ANC mindset yet to equal Chinese of 3rd century BC

IN HIS latest volume, Political Order and Political Decay, famous political scientist Francis Fukuyama reminds us of mankind’s evolution towards all the polities we see across the world today.


Contractual red tape that will not the dead rest

ALLISON Steedman of Durban relates very well to the story of Welsh widow Maria Raybould, who resorted to taking her late husband’s ashes into a cellphone shop in a desperate bid to convince them to cancel his contract.

Former Cosatu GS: Jay Naidoo

Jay stirred Cosatu pot that is now boiling over

JAY Naidoo has been wringing his hands. Cosatu, which he had done so much to build, is falling apart.

LIFE CUT SHORT: Pedestrians have to stop to let cars pass at this crossing at Beacon Bay Retail Park. INSET: Lutho Tafeni, 4, the little boy who died in tragic circumstances at
the Beacon Bay shopping centre Picture: STEPHANIE LLOYD

End carnage on our roads by respecting pedestrians

Over the last week I read of the tragic death of a four-year-old child in a shopping centre car park. The heartbreak of the child’s parents must be unimaginable. I cannot begin to fathom their

Kanyo Gqulu

Chinks in the Zille armour

MARGARET Thatcher had a meteoric rise – a grocer’s daughter who became the first woman leader of the British Tories and the first woman to command 10 Downing Street.

Workers take part in a march in the city of Johannesburg

Socialism is the future

The article “SA not ready for socialism” (DD, November 17) deserves to be challenged as it has a lot of misleading information regarding workers and the poor people of South Africa.

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