‘Jesus is back!’ Vavi tweets as ANC loses Nelson Mandela Bay

Jesus has returned and was “spotted” in the newly Democratic Alliance Nelson Mandla Bay metro on Thursday night.

As the outgoing African National Congress (ANC) had all but conceded defeat in the contested Windy City‚ former Congress of SA Trade Unions general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi took to Twitter in the early hours of Friday with a supposed photo of the Messiah.

“Jesus was seen walking in the streets of Nelson Mandela Metro last night — he is back!” ?@Zwelinzima1 tweeted.

Vavi made it clear that he was no fan of the ruling party or its leader — his tweet referencing notorious claims made by President Jacob Zuma that the “ANC will rule until Jesus returns”.

Lest it be suggested that he was gloating about the ANC’s poll losses‚ Vavi posted: “Deep down my heart I am hurting not celebrating! But I will not knowingly choose any logo above the real interests of workers and SAfrica.”

In response to Sanele Xaso ? @El–rokk’s “Question is‚will @MYANC finally recall His Dabbing Highness?Or will they stick with him till he topples uKhongolose?”‚ Vavi replied promptly: “How do you recall yourself? The ANC is Jacob Zuma and Jacob Zuma is the ANC!”

He also boasted a meme of Zuma‚ accompanied with the words: “The wreaking ball & all his sycophantic followers must take full responsibility for destroying the people’s movement”.

Earlier on Friday‚ he suggested the “wreaking ball” and his “sycophantic followers” had destroyed the legacy of the liberation movement in a tweet with a photo of the late Oliver Tambo‚ saying: “OR Tambo‚ C Hani‚ N Mandela‚ Luthuli‚ etc are very angry not against the people but the hyenas who hijacked the ANC”.



  1. Anc they accept that from now onwards their time is finished that jesus they have said they will rule till he comes now he is mandela bay soon he will be in Tshwane and Jozi,well done EFF