Life in township to be told on the big screen

In an effort to highlight the daily challenges faced by youth growing up in townships, businessman Camagu Luvo from Mdantsane is producing a film on the issue.Over the past three weeks Luvo with four other crew members – Zola Ndlela, Andile Lento, Mbuyiseni Ndlela and Luzuko Gwatyu – have held casting auditions at the Duncan Village youth centre.

READY TO ROLL: Crew members of the movie ‘The Movers ‘ which is set to be filmed in Duncan Village in April.From left Mbuyiseli Ndlela,Andile Lento,Camagu Luvo and Zola Ndlela. Picture:SIBONGILE NGALWA © DAILY DISPATCH

While the crew was looking for only 20 characters for their new film called The Movers hundreds of aspiring actors turned up to audition for the film.

Luvo said the film would focus on the daily challenges and pressures faced by the youth in Duncan Village.

The aim was to highlight the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, issues of unemployment, crime and violence in the township.

Luvo said because the film was about the lifestyle in Duncan Village, it was important to cast actors from the township.

“The film will also feature music exclusively from local artists from the township and around East London.

“We also wanted to create opportunities for young artists and actors in the city,” he said.

Actor Buyile Geza, who was cast in the film, said he was excited and proud to be a part of it.

“Most of the time people make films in other bigger cities and towns and to be part of something that is about us, is a huge honour,” said Geza.

Another cast member, Thembelani Ngxali shared the same sentiments and said he was thrilled to join the cast. Ngxali said he was happy to be part of a local production with a very important message to send out.

“I am so excited to be a part of the production, I am happy that someone has finally brought something that everyone can be part of in our township.

“We face so many issues, this is a wonderful opportunity to tell our story,” said Ngxali.

Luvo said they had received a lot of support from community members and many people had shown an interest in the film.

He said one of the community members had even offered his cars to use as props in the film.

Crew member Luzuko Gwatyu said one of their biggest challenges in getting the film completed was funding.

Luvo said they had approached many agencies and departments for assistance with no luck so they decided to fund the film themselves.

“We knocked on a few doors, with no luck or positive feedback,” he said. “The worst was probably at one of the municipal offices when an official said they would not give us funding because we were digging out thugs for them.

“We realised we were not going to get this done if we relied on other people or waited to be funded so we decided to do it on our own.”

With the auditions successfully wrapped up, the crew will officially start filming on April 10.

Luvo said they had already approached a number of television channels in the hope they would air the completed film. He said they had received positive feedback so far. —


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