WhatsApp chat leads to book aimed at empowering women

A Whatsapp conversation about the challenges women face in life sparked an idea in Mthatha-born Zingisa Tshangana – she first wrote a poem, and another, then a book followed.

Now done, dusted and ready for the market, the 23-year-old author will hold a book signing event in East London today for her newly released book Dear Qhawekazi.

 Author, Zingisa Tshangana speaks about her new book titled dear Qhawekazi .PICTURE: Michael Pinyana 

Speaking to the Daily Dispatch yesterday, Tshangana said when she, her cousin and friends had a discussion about various things women tolerated in relationships, she had no idea that one day she would have a book.

“We were talking about how women can stand abuse and to be cheated on by men who claim to love them.

“After the WhatsApp conversation I wrote a poem titled ‘Know your worth’ because I felt at times women forget their worth and it’s important to be reminded (of your self worth).

“The second one was ‘Dear Qhawekazi’ and that is the poem that inspired the whole book,” she said.

Tshangana, an English teacher at Riverside Private School in Mthatha, started writing at the age of 11 and has always aspired to be a writer.

It has taken her a year to publish her first book under Mveli Media.

While the book tackles many issues women face, Tshangana said she had to put herself in some of the women’s shoes in order to give their stories life.

“I’ve never experienced some of the things but I had to imagine what other people have gone through. I hope women will be able to view things in a different light and know that they are not alone,” she said.

The book, which consists of 20 poems in conversational style, aims to empower women by sharing untold chronicles to comfort each other through pain, the loss of ending relationships without losing yourself in the process.

The book has four sub topics, each accompanied by five poems. The topics are: A journey to self discovery; When reality dawns; Embracing acceptance; and The road to recovery.

l The book signing event starts today at 6pm at Toast Deli, Frere Road, Selborne, East London. To get hold of Tshangana’s book, you can e-mail her at zingisatshangana@gmail.com or orders@sovholdings.co.za


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