EL radio jockey’s dream comes true- Jalmeni joins DJ Sbu’s station MassivMetro

East London radio jock Daluxolo Jalmeni’s dream of working with DJ Sbu has been realised after joining the top DJ’s new online radio station.

DJ Sbu, following in the footsteps of the likes of Gareth Cliff, Keith Ngesi and Tbo Touch, launched his own online radio station, MassivMetro, on Tuesday this week.

Daluxolo Jalmeni’s dream of working DJ Sbu has finally come true as he joined his new online station launched on Tuesday this week. PICTURE SUPPLIED

Jalmeni, a former Link FM presenter, is now the co-host for a mid-morning show on the new station.

The 22-year-old, who has been following DJ Sbu on social media for the past five years, said it had always been his dream to work with him.

“Three years ago I started posting videos of myself doing my show at Link FM and I would tag DJ Sbu.

“I would bombard him with my videos from various events and he would give me positive feedback,” he said, adding that DJ Sbu was always about disrupting the norm and doing extraordinary things.

“That’s why I tagged him in every post because he normally does that as well.”

At the beginning of the year, Jalmeni received a message on Instagram from DJ Sbu asking for his number.

“I wondered what he would say to me. Two weeks later he called and told me what he would be doing later in the year and that he would like to work with me because he believed that I was a full package,” he said.

In March, Jalmeni made his way to Johannesburg where he attended workshops in preparation for the big move.

“I went back to East London and they sent me a contract and I moved here. It has been workshops and a lot of learning these past couple of weeks,” he said.

He said his friends used to laugh at him for posting his videos on social media and tagging DJ Sbu.

“They used to say I was wasting my data but from the age of 15 I knew what I wanted in life and I decided to use social media for that. I spent all my money on data.” His friends are now inspired by him.

“There are many kids who don’t know that they have a special calling in life. My mission is to help them find their calling and gift and invest in them.”

Jalmeni said he believed in the power of the mind and focusing one’s energy on positive things.

“From a young age I pictured myself as a radio presenter and would imitate people.” He hoped to work with DJ Sbu on television productions and entrepreneurial matters as well.

The former East London High School pupil urged all young people to dream and not be afraid to think big.

“We all have greatness within. We all have that special gift or talent that we have been given and we must wake up every day and invest in those things,” he said.


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