Donald gives fans more on visual album

Multiplatinum-selling artist Donald says he is all about making history and breaking new ground in the music industry.

Donald was in East London yesterday to promote his latest album Something More. Picture: SISIPHO ZAMXAKA

The young musician recently released a new 10-track visual album titled Something More.

Following in the footsteps of Beyonce, Donald is the first African artist to record a visual album.

Speaking with the Daily Dispatch during his promotional tour, Donald said he has always been about breaking boundaries.

“My career is like a long dream. I wake up sometimes with these crazy ideas of things I want to do.

“While growing up, I never understood where people got the confidence to do bold things, and these past four years have been giving me strength to do that,” he said.

Donald said the visual album was about doing things differently for him.

“I’ve done three albums and people are familiar with my sound. I have been able to make music that tops charts and I can do my own show and have people come out to support.

“With this album I asked myself what do I do without sounding monotonous and predictable. I love visuals because they are memorable and people always give great feedback when my videos come out,” he said, adding that this was how he got the idea of doing a visual album.

“Beyonce did a visual album and people loved it. I decided to open the gate for African artists to do that as well. This has been a career-changing move for me.”

While it is a groundbreaking move, Donald said working on the album was challenging.

“It was challenging financially because I wanted to keep the project mine and not have any interference. This was emotionally draining but I managed to get everyone on the same page and to focus on achieving the goal,” he said, adding that he wanted to make sure the quality of every video was up to standard.

“We worked for 11 months on this album and filmed in different locations around the country shooting. We worked tirelessly on this and I am proud of the final product,” Donald said.

On the album he features Nigerian artist Tiwa Savage. Their track, titled Rain Drops, is currently doing well on the charts and on national radio stations.

“The song is doing well not only in South Africa, but also in other countries around the continent. I am grateful that it’s up there in the charts and it has not even been long since its release,” he said.

Donald said he had enjoyed working with the Nigerian artist, who has made a name for herself across the continent.

“Tiwa is a humble person and I believe that’s what makes her powerful. You can’t help but be starstruck around her.

“It was an amazing experience working with her and she respects my craft. Even on the video of the song, one can see that we were truly in this and there is mutual respect,” he said, predicting that the song would go down in history as a classic.

Donald’s album is available at all music stores nationwide and online.



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