I was told my voice would never make it on radio‚ says DJ Sbu

Radio veteran DJ Sbu has captivated listeners for over 20 years with his unique voice but there was a time when the star was told that he would not make it on radio.

DJ Sbu reflects on the difficulties he faced growing up. Picture TIMES LIVE

DJ Sbu‚ who worked at YFM and Metro FM before launching his own radio station Massiv Metro earlier this year‚ was in New York this week when he reflected on the difficulties he faced in order to become a successful media mogul.

“Today I am in New York. I am from a place called Tembisa. I had nothing. I was told my voice would never make it on radio. I come from a place that has crime and political violence when I grew up‚” he said on Instagram.

Sbu explained that his difficulties did not stop when he started working and detailed how he was fired from two radio stations‚ and experienced being “down and out‚ broke and lost everything”.

Taking to social media a year after being fired by Metro FM to reveal that he was “still broke AF”.

Using these experiences as lessons‚ he dusted himself off and worked hard to make a comeback.

“I came back up. Today I own my own radio show on my own radio station. I host my own TV show and am the first black man in the world to start an energy drink brand. I host a TV show on CNBC Africa. I am giving young people opportunities and run an education foundation. I have educated hundreds of children back home” he said.


Source: TMG Digital.


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