Tired AF AKA determined to give his best no matter what

Dezemba is all about the jols for us‚ but for entertainers it’s their busiest season. Gig after gig‚ they’re making sure that our Dezemba is rocking.

BRINGING THE HOUSE DOWN: AKA performs at the London Roots Party held at Police Park Picture: DIGITAL LIFESTYLE

AKA‚ who is fully booked with gigs‚ is feeling the exhaustion. But despite the tiredness creeping in‚ he is determined to give it his best.

“After like a million shows over the past week …. but you can bet your ass I’m gonna give it 1000% everytime. Was my voice gone? Yes. Was I late as fuck? Yes? Was I exhausted? Yes. When I got there eventually at 5am I STILL had a crowd‚ and I could tell none of them stayed there for any other reason than to see Me. So I died on that stage this morning in east London at 5am and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Yeah‚ he’s tired. But when he goes to New York‚ Thailand and London and flies business class‚ now you see how he can afford it.

He himself said ‘bag after bag.’

It’s pleasure‚ Supa Mega.