RISING STAR: He’s right on song

What tarted out as a hobby, has now turned into a career for DJ LT. DJ LT, whose real name is Luthando Mnandi, also works as an events organiser. Some of the events he will be working on include the Heroes Marathon next week and the annual London Roots party taking place on December 26.

TUNED IN: DJ LT, whose real name is Luthando Mnandi, may have chosen an unconventional career, but  has nonetheless made a success of it
TUNED IN: DJ LT, whose real name is Luthando Mnandi, may have chosen an unconventional career, but has nonetheless made a success of it

How did you get into DJing? Was this something that you wanted to do as a child?

A: DJing started off as a hobby for me back in 2007 but I only started taking the steps to turn it into a career in 2011. It is something that fascinated me from a young age, but back then you couldn’t try and convince your parents you wanted to be a DJ when you grow up, without it ending in tears.

What makes one an exceptional DJ?

A: It is a combination of a number of elements, for me, song selection and beat-matching are at the top of the list. I have great respect for DJs, who can engage an audience for their full set without playing a single song that they know … that is exceptional.

Does one have to attend every party happening in town?

A: Certainly not, the body cannot take such punishment and neither can your wallet. For DJs, it’s always good to set up appointments with promoters or club owners to give them your mixtapes or videos. But if your budget and stamina allow for you to attend every party, then I guess you could go for it.

What would you say to aspiring DJs?

A: Respect your craft enough to never stop learning. Professionalism is the difference between a good career and a bad one and, lastly, treat every opportunity like it’s your last one.

What else do you do when you are not making music?

A: I work in events during the year with two flagship events in December, namely the Heroes Marathon held in Mthatha on December 4 and the Annual London Roots Party taking place on December 26, here in East London. I also recently started my own talent management business.

You have been releasing mixtapes for a while now, any plans on releasing an album?

A: It is something that I have considered, but I also promised myself that I would only commit to it if it felt right. So for now it’s mixtapes all the way.

What are your future plans for your music?

A: I’m working on getting as much exposure for the Soul Bearings series (mixtapes). I am also looking at getting a website working and possibly have the series available as podcasts on iTunes and Google Play stores.

How do you relax?

A: I could spend days on end playing video games.

Who/what inspires you?

A: My family and friends inspire me to do better everyday.

Anything you’d like to share with us?

A: Next year I’m planning on releasing a special birthday mixtape with every house song that I have enjoyed from 1997 to date.