‘All we wanted was euphoric sex‚ but Liquid G killed my wife’

The husband of a Western Cape mother found dead at her home blames her death on a drug the couple took to spice up their sex life.

Idali van Zyl was found dead on July 13 in the bathroom of the Bredasdorp home she shared with her husband‚ Freddie‚ and their children aged six and nine.Picture SOURCED

Idali van Zyl was found dead on July 13 in the bathroom of the Bredasdorp home she shared with her husband‚ Freddie‚ and their children aged six and nine.

Freddie told TimesLIVE that because the children were away they had drunk more than usual then decided to experiment with Liquid G‚ which produces euphoria but is also known as a date-rape drug.

“Idali and I were alone. Wednesday evenings are braai evenings‚ so that is what we did‚” he said. “We opened two bottles of wine‚ red for me and white wine for her. She normally drinks half a bottle of wine but later that evening she asked me to open another bottle.”

Then they took the drug. “About six or seven months ago we braaied with friends and we all talked around the fire over what one can do to spice up the sex‚” said Freddie.

“Idali mentioned that in her younger days she used to take this drug. Then three months later friends of ours went to the Cape and they got it and brought some back for us.”

Freddie said the friends had used it twice and handed it over with strict instructions to limit their consumption to 4ml each. “We decided together as a couple to use it‚ it wasn’t my idea alone or her idea alone.”

But instead of euphoria‚ Freddie said he passed out‚ cutting himself on a wine bottle in the process. “I lost about 4 litres of blood. I was told that if I hadn’t fallen on the bottle and cut myself I would have been died also‚” he said.

When Freddie recovered consciousness‚ he found Idali dead in their bathroom. A pathologist’s report indicated that she choked on her vomit‚ he said.

The couple were due to appear last week in Bellville Commercial Crimes Court on charges of theft‚ racketeering and money laundering in connection with their alleged part in a 10-strong car theft syndicate. The case has been postponed until September.

Said Freddie: “In 2010 I had a car dealership in Bredasdorp and my brother had one in Riversdale. The cars that we bought from an ex-police officer turned out to be stolen vehicles. He has subsequently turned state witness.

“We were arrested in 2013 and the case has been ongoing ever since. We got a good lawyer recently and he was in the process of getting Idali off the list because there was no evidence to link her to anything. Because she worked for me they made a case against her also.”

He denied rumours that he had abused his wife. “I am not sure whether it was the police officer or the ambulance person that said Idali’s neck was broken when they found her. And so the story just grew from there because people started saying that her neck is broken and I can’t remember‚ which makes me look suspect. The pathologist told me that there is not a single mark on her body. I never abused my wife.”

Police are investigating Idali’s death but say foul play is not suspected.

Source: TMG Digital.


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