Welcome price drop in most goods

Some may have shed a tear when visiting the petrol pumps this week due to the recent sharp price increase, but consumers can at least smile when they hit supermarket aisles as the prices of most household goods show a decline.

Showing the biggest decline is a litre of cooking oil, which dropped from its R15.99 price to R14.99, a R1 decrease. Its August price was R18.99.

A litre of milk stayed at its lower September price of R9.99, much like a kilogramme of mealie meal which cost R8.99 and a pocket of potatoes which remained at R9.99.

In August, these same items cost R10.99, R9.99 and R9.99 respectively.

Every month, the Saturday Dispatch charts the prices of the basic household goods. The prices are checked at three local supermarkets.

October prices are as follows:

  • A litre of sunflower cooking oil went from R15.99 to R14.99, a R1 decrease;
  • A kg of mixed chicken portions increased in price from R48.99 to R49.90;
  • A loaf of brown bread now costs R10.29, a 30c increase from R9.99;
  • A kg of mealie meal dropped from R9.99 to R8.99, a decrease of R1;
  • A litre of milk remained the same at R9.99;
  • A pocket of potatoes also remained the same at R9.99;
  • Butternut still costs R10.99, the same as last month’s price; and
  • A dozen eggs also remained at R25.98. — zisandan@dispatch.co.za