Prices of basic household goods stable for now

As we inch closer to the festive season, consumers will be pleased to note that the prices of basic household goods have either decreased or remained the same when compared to last month.

The price of brown bread decreased from R10.29 to R9.99, a saving of 30c. Items that saw no increase include sunflower cooking oil, mealie meal, a kilogram of mixed chicken pieces, a dozen eggs and milk, which all remained at R14.99, R8.99, R49.90, R25.98 and R9.99 respectively.

The only items to show a price increase were vegetables, with potatoes going from R9.99 to R10.99 and butternut increasing from R10.99 to a new price of R12.99.

Every month, the Saturday Dispatch charts the prices of household goods. The prices are checked at three different supermarkets.

November prices are:

lA pocket of potatoes increased from R9.99 by R1, now costing R10.99;

lButternut went from R10.99 to a new price of R12.99, a R2 increase;

lA kilogram of chicken pieces remained R49.90;

lSunflower cooking oil costs R14.99;

lA kilogram of mealie meal costs R8.99;

lA loaf of brown bread now costs R9.99, a 30c saving from last month’s R10.29; and

lA litre of milk will set you back R9.99, the same price as last month. —