NEC meeting to focus on election outcome: Mantashe

The African National Congress’ national executive committee meeting will focus on the election outcomes which saw the party support decline‚ the party’s secretary general Gwede Mantashe said on Thursday.

“We will look at all those statistic and what are implications of those results‚” said Gwede Mantashe‚ speaking ahead of the meeting which is being held in Irene outside Pretoria.


“We will check‚ are we in decline and is it a trend that will continue forever‚ and what should we do to arrest that trend and turn it around.”

Mantashe said the ANC was in coalition talks with several different parties.

“Coalitions are consequences of election results. In 27 municipalities‚ including four metros‚ there is no outright winner and that is where we looking at coalitions.

“We are not discussing EFF‚ we are discussing coalitions‚” he said.


  1. Seems these days people are very much interested in checking out Mbekis views and observations about the outcome . Of the local government elections. They also compare Zuma Mandela and Mbeki in an attempt to make people of this country see the anc President currently as a failure. Well, l think that all such efforts will not change the way anc members feel about their organization. We are not going to recall Jacob Zuma because the opposition feels so. The future of Zuma and the anc lies in the hands of the members in good standing and its leadership. ANC is a majority party in South Africa and under anc we are still leading Africa in economic ratings.

  2. The ANC needs to stop thinking how the ANC can benefit in the future. They should be thing how ALL the people of South Africa can benefit in the future

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