Rhodes lecturer in trouble over alleged racist tweet

    A Rhodes University lecturer who landed himself in hot water after he posted alleged racist tweets during the #FeesMustFall protests is bringing an urgent high court application tomorrow to try prevent a disciplinary inquiry from taking place.

     Although Rob Benyon, who lectures Information Systems and is also a residence warden, had already resigned from the university when he made the two tweets, they decided to proceed with the disciplinary hearing following a widespread public outcry.

    A Rhodes University lecturer is in hot water following an alleged racist tweet.
    A Rhodes University lecturer is in hot water following an alleged racist tweet.

     He has just two weeks of his notice period left before he leaves the university.

     The two tweets on  October 14 said: “#fees must fall your parents believed the ANC would deliver free stuff. Now you believe the EFF the same. Stupidity is clearly hereditary; and “Those agitating for free tertiary education #Feesmustfall are the product of free secondary education. Clearly you get what you pay for.”

     Tomorrow’s  urgent Grahamstown High Court application also hopes to get the interdict to include preventing the university from issuing notices for him to attend a disciplinary inquiry.


    1. Hayi kodwa uyageza lo mlungu ngezi zinto azithethayo, ukwenyelisa imizamo yabafundi.
      Uyageza makanikwe isohlwayo esifanelekileyo. Ekubeni engumfundisi ntsapho, lecturer noko ebenoba

    2. ….and what about the threat to burn him in the township? Really is that fair to penalise a man who has dedicated himself to education for decades.

      Shame on you

    3. Burning people or any harsh act is never okay. Sly insults towards a group of people – and trying to evade the consequences – is not either.

      Shame on any unfairness and meanness.

    4. I hope he burns in that water he’s landed himself into! The guy even speaks IsiXhosa very well 😕 , I never thought he was capable of such…

    5. So just because he was dedicated to education he must not be penalised for being racist? Wow the logic in your argument is quite appalling. Shame on you

    6. This man’s tweets are unbelievable. How can one possibly equate free education with stupidity? In Europe almost all higher education is free. His arguments imply that graduates of European universities are stupid because they didn’t pay fees? Trying to find a logical basis for a racist’s arguments hurts my head!