JUSTICE MALALA: Zuma’s tentacles are still deep in the Ramaphosa ANC

It is a mere two-and-a-half months since President Cyril Ramaphosa won the ANC leadership contest last year.

Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa at the national ANC elective conference at the Nasrec Centre Picture: MASI LOSI/FILE

The Ramaphosa term at the helm of the ANC has come nowhere close to doing everything it needs to do. Yet everything Ramaphosa has said and done is a categoric and total repudiation of the Jacob Zuma years.

If one were to categorise it‚ one would say it is almost as if Ramaphosa wanted to say the ANC has been lost for 10 years and it is now time to reset it to its true north.

It is therefore extraordinary that the ANC deployed Zuma to canvass support and encourage its members to register to vote for it in next year’s election.

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