Service delivery woes

It’s an absolute heartache to say I’m South African. It’s horrible these days to be one. Poor service with a capital P.

How do you even begin to explain leaving a 78-year-old woman to wait six to seven hours for an ambulance? A woman in pain!

Explanation? Apparently only one ambulance operating in the East London area, an area not so long ago declared a metro! Joh! That’s just one speed bump of many.

You then decide to get a group of guys together and rather take her to hospital. You get there and low and behold, the security, they inform me, as per instruction from the top, only allow you to drop the patient and then you must go and park outside. Acres of space inside to park. Eish.

While I’m sitting on these benches waiting I think about what I’ve personally experienced over the last few days and yeah, it’s terrible. Just recently the taxi industry in the Eastern Cape shut down the entire province over a dispute they have with the MEC of transport.

In a country close to junk status, we are losing millions in turnover that could have contributed positively to the GDP.

I think about all the times when the communities of East London have burnt their own streets and made going to work or school hell.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a gripe with people wanting a house or basic necessities. After all people voted for a government that promised all these things.

But it’s just the way we deal with issues. We’ve become a society that wants to burn things and inconvenience everybody because we have a gripe with … guess who? The government. The one we voted for.

And it has disappointed us, not once, not twice but over and over again.

Come on, you don’t have to be loyal to a party that has clearly changed for the worse, lining its own pockets and not giving the service it promised. The ANC has had its days.

Vote in a new government and if the new one messes up, change it. If we use this approach it will keep any government on its toes. — Name supplied, East London resident