Where are the bags?

We, in Buffalo City, have not received black plastic bags for our refuse for SO long. We have had to buy our own for some time now. Why is this?

It also seems amazing that we must pay R195, not only towards bags, but refuse collection (there are only two of us and we only have one bag) when it costs R68 per month for a private company to collect garden refuse once a week in a drum they supply.

Then, the one bag we put out goes to a central point where “shoppers” rip the bags apart and leave everything lying on the pavement. The metro collectors only pick up what is in the shredded bags and drive off leaving a pile of rubbish in the street.

The wheelie-bins we have been reading about would make such a difference to the cleanliness of the city. It seems ludicrous that they cannot be supplied to every household, making the collections easier and the streets cleaner.

But I digress, when will we receive our supply of black bags?

They are supposedly included in the monthly rates payment aren’t they? — Ingrid Roebert, Berea


  1. The wheelie bins were supplied, but BCM has not planned for how the trucks will empty them LOL. everyone is still putting out black bags which we pay for ourselves