ANC provincial leaders must take responsibility

The e-mail authored by Crispian Olver, an RTT member of ANC Nelson Mandela Bay region, to his fellow colleagues is deemed an act of “ill-discipline” by the provincial secretary, who argues that there are internal platforms to raise such matters.

I want to refresh the provincial secretary’s memory about how many correspondences were sent to his office by branch members in Buffalo City region complaining about similar issues raised by Olver’s e-mail? As a revolutionary liberation movement, what did the provincial leadership do? It labelled those members an “ill-disciplined”, disgruntled bunch of idiots.

This collective responsibility is a lame excuse to cover up for those who misled the movement, hence we find ourselves in this humiliating situation.

To expect me not to raise issues that concern me as a member is an act of censorship. To engage, I must be able to utilise any medium that can reach fellow comrades, because at branches we are not allowed to debate positions openly. Delegates go to conferences and general councils without members making an input, while conference resolution documents gather dust at regional offices and Calata House.

Instead of threatening to deal with members like me, provincial leaders must take collective responsibility for rebuilding the organisation from the branches, guiding them into becoming political branches, not voting fodder. — Xola Tob, Mdantsane