EL rappers represent on Etv’s breakfast show

Nandoz’s Majika music video featuring Number landed them an opportunity to perform live on Etv’s breakfast show yesterday (Tuesday)  together with another East London rapper, Blaqphamas.

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EL rapper hits the spotlight

11 April 2013- AMALINDA’S hip-hop star Nandoz’s career is on the up, having recently shot his first music video in Mdantsane.
The rapper musician is hoping to lure even more fans to his music and to be East London’s hip-hop trailblazer in South Africa.
Nandoz, whose real name is Lwanda Soldati, shot the music video at Mans Buy&Braai in Mdantsane last Saturday.
The music video follows his huge success with his single Majika, that has received hours of airplay on radio stations.
“Shooting a music video is a dream come true for me. I have enjoyed a warm reception from radio stations such as Tru-FM and I am happy about that however we thought it was time we ventured out to the television scene in an attempt to attract more people,” he said.
Although Nandoz is enjoying his success, the road to recognition has not always been easy.
The 28-year-old music fanatic once gave up on his dream when the challenges of recording in Johannesburg became too much for him.
“I started making music in 2005 in a friend’s bedroom studio. It has not been easy at all and we are still growing. I have had unsuccessful deals with people who have been in the industry such as Pysfo and MXO and that was discouraging,”
On his single Majika, Nandoz featured the experienced rapper, My Man, with production done locally by Lutho Siyo. He is still working on his debut album which is a fusion production of kwaito and hip-hop.
“I grew up exposed to kwaito music and it is not easy to let go of that kind of influence, but I have since decided to mix it up with my own version of hip–hop and the fusion works beautifully. I mostly write about experiences we go through as young people,” added Nandoz.
Fans can catch the music video on YouTube next month and SABC music shows. — mamelag@dispatch.co.za


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