Mpofu sad over attack at childhood haunt

DALI Mpofu feels hurt he was at tacked at his favourite childhood spot in East London.

Daily Dispatch

Mpofu, 51, was rushed to Life St Dominic’s Hospital after being stabbed near Eastern Beach last Thursday. He was dis charged on Sunday.

Speaking to the Daily Dispatch yesterday, Mpofu said at the time of the attack he felt angry people could attack someone for no apparent reason.

“At that point I knew I had to fight my way out of the situation; they basically surrounded me. I was either going to die there or fight. So I fought my way out,” he said.

The former SABC boss said he was in the area because he was taking a break from the commission looking into the Marikana shooting.

Mpofu said because East London was his hometown, he had never expected to be attacked there.

“[During apartheid] Eastern Beach was a ‘whites only area’ so that part of the beachfront [where he was attacked] was the only place we were allowed to go. It was one of my favourite spots when I was about 13.
“I am very familiar with the area. Whenever I am back in East London I take a walk there,” he said.

Despite the attack and the week end in hospital, Mpofu said the incident would not deter him from visiting East London in the future.

“I am not a tourist in East London; it is my home. I have lived in Johannesburg for more than 30 years and I have never been attacked. It is just very sad I had to be attacked in East London. However, do believe that it could have happened in Cape Town or anywhere else,” he added.

Mpofu is representing mine workers at the Farlam Commission, which is probing the death of 34 miners at Lonmin’s Marikana mine.

Mpofu also urged Buffalo City Metro to work on developing the beachfront.

“I think a place like that needs to be developed. The Quigney could be one of the biggest assets for East London if a proper development plan was in place.
“It is too easy for thugs to attack people even in broad daylight. So safety and security must be a serious feature. Places like Durban have in vested in their beachfronts, so the same could be done in East London,” Mpofu added.” —


  1. It irritates me when incorrect facts are stated in these articles. Eastern Beach was known to be a beach for black and coloured people when I arrived in East London in 1972, so it was not a Whites only area during apartheid years.
    The truth is that black people did not go to the beach before the New Years day issue which was started by you know who, so yes, whites frequented the Eastern Beach before it became a dangerous area.
    We were able to walk up to Bats Cave or climbed the sand dunes without fear in the 1970’s & 1980’s

  2. Tronn i been reading the history of E.L from different books and got info from people aswell they confirmed that it was Whites only Beach. don’t stress brother we all now can enjoy the beach irrespective of race. the only thing we should fight is the escalating crime and littering on our beach.

    • Your read it from different books. You must be from Transkei and arrived in EL yesterday to trash it.

      Born East Londoners KNOW it, we don’t need books to know what went down.

    • So was I, I was born and bred there and Eastern and Orient beach were WHITES ONLY beaches.

      Settler, you are not going to teach me about how apartheid affected me. Your white supremacy of “teaching” others is DEAD.

      Funny how little these whites know. Whites are incompetents that wont survive without exploiting others. Look at Europe, Europe is dying because there are no colonies to suck dry

  3. i was born in duncan village fiftyfive years of my bitterest chilhood memories was being disbarred from the eastern beach. we were sent to kiwane beach,hluzi beach ,fullers bay…it is not only ignorant but patently dishonest and mendacious to the extreme to allege that eastern beach was open to all. i should know iwas there.

  4. So was I Zolani and Eastern Beach was used by black people although I suspect it was not officially sanctioned.Unfortunately Siya the beaches are not able to be enjoyed by all.Bonza Bay is a nightmare,you are liable to have your throat cut at the eastern Beach and Nahoon is full of sewage.

    • That’s is rubbish.

      I can see your apartheid guilt is strong.

      You cannot tell or teach me anything about East London, that is my home town, I’m not one of these Transkeians you are telling bullshit to.

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