Dispatch Dialogues – The Mbeki Controversies

STREAMING LIVE: Dispatch Dialogues – The Mbeki Controversies - Frank Chikane
Heated Debate: The Daily Dispatch along with the University of Fort Hare hosted a dialogue with Frank Chikane and Mondli Makhanya on– The things that could not be said from A(ids)-Z(imbabwe) – written by Frank Chikane.

The Daily Dispatch’s 51st dialogue about “The Mbeki Controversies” with Frank Chikane and Mondli Makhanya.

Following a full-house turnout last year Frank Chikane was back to talk about his new book The Things That Could Not Be Said – From A(ids) to Z(imbabwe). The book deals with a range of issues: Aids, GEAR, Zimbabwe, Jackie Selebi and others for which there Mbeki Presidency was criticised. He was in conversation with author and analyst, Mondli Makhanya.


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      @Thozamile, we understand your concern, not sure if that will be possible, but will look into it.

  1. Daily dispatch we are in the rural areas we don’t have 4g our internet connectivity is not as good as people from Gauteng, if this is for us can’t you maybe do it on radio?!! i have been trying to connect I can only hear small portions due to my bandwidth which is more frustrating. Can we maybe download it somewhere…..thank you