Teacher’s assault caught on video (Video Available)

AN EASTERN Cape teacher has been caught on video beating a Grade 10 pupil.

Daily Dispatch

The video was captured by a fellow pupil using his cellphone.

The pupil, Zenande Mekeleni from Ndabankulu Senior Secondary School in Butterworth, said the incident occurred on May 8 when she and her classmates failed to produce maths homework.

The teacher beat her with a stick. In the video, which the Dispatch has seen, the teacher can be heard swearing at the pupil.

According to Mekeleni, the entire class was punished the same way. She said her parents reported the incident to the school.

Principal Vuyani Thongo refused to comment on what he called a “sensitive matter”.

In a separate incident, a parent of a Grade 2 pupil from Child’s World Primary School in Berlin said his son was beaten by the principal for failing to wear long grey pants.

Parent Dumile Qamarwana said his nine-year-old son Lufefe Ndika did not want to to go to school.

“He said the principal went into the classroom, dragged him by the collar and beat him with a wooden spoon on his behind,” the furious parent said.

Qamarwana went to the school but a meeting with the principal, Melany Booysen, proved fruitless.

He said she was “rude” and asked about school fees owed.

Booysen would not comment on the matter, and directed the Dispatch to her lawyer, who also did not comment other than to say that Booysen reserved her rights.

Education spokesman Loyiso Pulumani said corporal punishment was a crime and advised parents to report it to the police.

Teacher’s assault caught on video from Daily Dispatch on Vimeo.



  1. I think it is good for the teacher to be exposed practicing corporal punishment but my question to this child is,What is he doing with the phone at school I’m just wondering if he heard anything the teacher taught except for getting him on the video.*No wonder we have this high rate of failers and in Grd 10 nogal*

  2. To my fellow colleagues (Maths teacher), let us give learners a liberty to or not do maths tasks otherwise we will be victims forever.

  3. Corporal punishment helped the students in the past. Many of the successful people were punished by their teachers. Sincere teachers will loose their dedication to their profession. I feel sorry for this teacher.

  4. Teachers who beat and verbally abuse learners have shortcomings in presenting subject matter and ensuring discipline. If you have good rapport with your learners ,and they clear about the task there is no reason for this. This is a disgrace to all teachers in South Africa and I condemn it

  5. Xola Nakase, you have it exactly right. I believe that the teachers most keen on corporal punishment are the worst teachers. Really good teachers did not have to beat up pupils to get their attention and respect.

  6. The fact of the matter is that teachers who are still practising corporal punishment are pathetic. The first comment clearly tells me that u don’t have a heart for our children’s future. how many drop-outs as a result of this kind of treatment? fellow readers plz u must get all the facts straight before u comment going forward.

  7. What should the teacher do when they do their homework. Should she just keep quiet or praise them for not doing their homework. To Xola and Peter, in my time at school (1970’s and 80’s) some of the best teachers that ever taught me were those that were really good in dishing out corporal punishment as well.

  8. This boy must be punished for his pathetic actions. If he was my child I would have taken him to jail myself. What he did was stealing and invading somebodies privacy. Who does he think he is ? One day God will punish him for destroying somebodies life. what kind of a person does that to somebody else . This boy was really really cruel. Come on children learn from this you are the adults of tomorrow lead as an example and stop being so cruel to the people who helps you to become something in life. One mistake and now she must pay for her life and it is on your hands boy.

  9. I was a victim of that teacher in Ndabankulu S.S.S. To the teacher loved us so much that he now tutors us while he is expelled from the school premises. This year we tried to make a strike to try by all means to bring him back.

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