Mom wants inquiry on baby born dead

‘She called me in the middle of the night, crying’

AFAMILY in Mdantsane whose teenage daughter had a miscarriage between two healthcare facilities in the area has been advised by the department of health to lodge a complaint.

Daily Dispatch

Lindeka Dyakopu said that on the morning of April 25 her 17-year-old daughter was admitted at Nontyatyambo day hospital after she went into labour.

“When we arrived, the nursing sister told us that my daughter was not dilated enough to give birth, so we should wait,” said Dyakopu.

Dyakopu left her daughter there and came back a few hours later to find that her daughter had still not given birth.

Upon realising that her daughter would spend the night at the hospital, Dyakopu decided to go home thinking she would check on her daughter the following morning.

“During the middle of that night, my daughter gave me a call, crying, saying she was bleeding and that she had not been treated properly,” she said.

The following morning Dyakopu went to Nontyatyambo, where the nurses were preparing to transfer her daughter to Cecelia Makhiwane Hospital (CMH) for the birth.

“The ambulance arrived. My daughter had still not given birth and was wheeled out in a wheelchair looking very weak, which I found very disturbing,” said Dyakopu.

Dyakopu said when they arrived at CMH they were immediately attended to.

“Within a few minutes the nurse returned from the consulting room looking very pale. Then she told me that my daughter had miscarried and the baby had been dead for at least eight hours,” she said.

Dyakopu said a few weeks later there was a meeting between themselves, two hospital heads and the nurses who were on duty during the time in question.

However, she said neither hospital wanted to take responsibility for the miscarriage and she was told to wait for the results of more investigations by CMH.

Dyakopu said that the family was not attacking the hospitals or the health department. They just wanted answers. Provincial health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the family should contact the health department’s customer care services to lay a complaint, which would lead to an investigation.


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