Living a dream of ‘Boundless’ horizons

AFTER 30 years of being landbound, an East London yacht is set to meet the water.

Boundless, 42ft, previously owned by East London chiropractor Dr Arthur Allan Middleton, was carted by truck from Southernwood to the harbour yesterday, and will set sail for Madagascar later this month.

The yacht’s maiden voyage was cancelled when Middleton suffered a heart attack in 1991.

He had bought Boundless in 1980 and spent more than 20 years renovating and customising her, including putting in a Chinese rig. Also known as a Junk rig, this is a type of sail rig in which rigid battens (long, flat strips) span the full width of the sail and extend it past the mast.

According to Wikipedia the name is popularly attributed to traditional Chinese junk ships, where the rig was in use when China was discovered by Europeans.

While relatively uncommon among modern production sailboats, the rig’s potential advantages of easier use and lower cost make it a popular choice for some sailors.

Middleton died in 2011

just as Boundless was ready for her maiden voyage. The yacht was left to his daughter Susan, who decided to sell it to a couple from Plettenberg Bay.

“It was difficult to find a buyer because of my father’s eccentric rig, but someone contacted us from Plettenberg Bay and said it was exactly what he was looking for,” she said.

The couple, Cheryl and Graham Anley, spent five months restoring Boundless in Susan’s backyard at her Southernwood home.

This month they begin living out their dream on the journey to Madagascar, and their Jack Russell Rosie will be on board as well.

The dream is to eventually sail around the world.

“We liked the yacht and my husband and I decided immediately that we want her,” said an excited Cheryl as the boat was being loaded onto a truck and taken to the harbour yesterday.

“And with Susan’s kind permission we were able to restore her in her yard.

“Today she is being moved to the drydock in the harbour and before the end of the month we plan to sail to Madagascar.”


  1. Unfortunately….. my father’s yacht BOUNDLESS ran aground on the 4th August (2013) just off Cebe on the Wild Coast.

    The boat cannot be salvaged, and Cheryl and Graham’s dream of sailing to Madagascar were destroyed along with Boundless.

    A very sad story, and one which sits heavy on my heart.

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