‘Most wanted’ dies in police shootout – with video

Suspects hid in DV shacks

TWO male suspects, one known as “Duncan Village’s most wanted criminal,” died yesterday morning during a shootout with police in Duncan Village.

BULLETS: Markers show where bullets hit during a shootout at Duncan Village
BULLETS: Markers show where bullets hit during a shootout at Duncan Village

After arresting two other suspects for possession of illegal firearms yesterday morning, members of the East London Dog Unit and Flying Squad were accompanied to shacks in Duncan Village where the two suspects were allegedly hiding.

However, when police made their way to the shack they found they had been led to the wrong shack.


According to police spokesman Captain Stephen Marais police eventually knocked on the door where they suspected the criminals were hiding and when they received no response, kicked the door down.


They were met by gunshots to which they retaliated.

“The two suspects we arrested earlier had originally planned to take the police to the wrong house, and we speculate that they planned some kind of ambush,” Marais said.

The police had been hot on the heels of the criminals after a shooting and stabbing incident at a Duncan Village tavern on June 2, which left two people dead and another injured.

Yesterday’s shack shooting resulted in the death of Sonwabo Khinyzana, 30, and the other suspected criminal, 23.

The Dispatch is unable to disclose the identity of the second man as his family have not yet been notified.

National spokesman for the Independent Police Investigative Directorate Moses Dlamini said investigators had been called to the scene after the incident and an investigation was under way.

Marais said two cases of attempted murder had been opened against the deceased as per protocol. The police at the scene had been charged with murder. The two suspects arrested in the morning had been charged with possession of unlicensed ammunition and defeating the ends of justice. They are currently being detained at the Duncan Village police station. — shanaazp@dispatch.co.za


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