VIDEO AVAILABLE: Dispatch Dialogues

Former education MEC Mkhangeli Matomela recently caused a stir when he labelled the ANC as part of the “anti-Christ” and no longer belonging to “God” or the people of South Africa, but to certain individuals infiltrated by the works of Satan. 

He has now launched a new political party, the Kingdom Governance Movement. He was head to head with the ANC’s provincial chaplain, the Reverend Andile Mbete.

When: Tuesday September 17th 2013

Where: Guild Theatre, East London



  1. How any sensible person can participate in a debate where the proposition’s chief premise is that a measly political party was once, but is no longer on the side of a deity (or is it vice versa?) is utterly beyond my puny mind. Our political discourse has never been particularly inspirational, but over the past few years it has reached depths of farce that must rank alongside the worst with which the Nats insulted us.

  2. Our governing party has compromised so much to please everyone that even moral standards from our leaders are so low they became acceptable. The organization is so Anti Christ I am amazed of people disputing that. Even the so called spiritual leaders are blinded. A clear point here is that the organization accepted Homosexual unions as acceptable and endorsed as marriage which is clearly against the bible, this is one of many. I myself am a born again Christian and stopped a long time ago from voting for the organization.

  3. 1 Chronicles12:32 (previous): these were men who went to fetch David to make him King. The Cape will have to make Jesus King; everything will fit into place eg the prophetic logo of East London. Do you know that logo? Please respond to action. Saul had failed the nation; the Philistines were enjoying a walk-over day in and day out (accidents, rape, murder, state funds embezzled, manipulation of justice, poor child without quality education). Saul bent so low to visit a witch (1 Samuel 28:7 vs January 2013;Mangaung). Go seek a man after God’s heart and God after man’s heart (1 Samuel 13:14 and 16:7). This is NOW time as the main scripture declares!