LIVE: Dispatch Dialogues

Many struggle stories remain untold and heroes remain unsung.  Mzwakhe Ndlela, MK veteren and author of For the Fallen- Honouring the Unsung Heroes and Heroines of the Liberation Struggle, shines a light on the price paid to gain freedom and on often forgotten people who showed commitment, even to the point of death. He will be on stage with Sonwabile Mancotywa, CEO of  of the National Heritage Foundation.

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  1. There are unsung heroes and heroines of our struggle, men and women from other organisations like the PAC. Why are there veterans from APLA, are they not heroes and heroines of this country, is it because we perhaps perceive them as Japanese etc. and not South Africans, sons of this soil?
    The mention and praise singing for MK heroes alone, is a NOMGOGWANA, until our children are told the whole truth about our struggle and that time is nigh.
    Cecil Zoli Sondlo.

  2. Our heritage is not at risk. It has gone already.

    The racist ANC regime has removed almost all of the past where white was involved, landing of Van Riebeeck etc etc.

    Whether the moronic bungling ANC like it or not, people of all colour form part of the past. Not only black MK veterans. Surprisingly some were only babies then…………. However that is another story.

    Have we really gained freedom? We live in a crime-ridden violent country where even some of our Governments officials are criminals.

    We hide behind high walls, electric fencing, armed response.

    So I ask again – “have we gained our freedom” – I think not.

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