Thousands flock to listen to Benny Hinn preach in EL

THOUSANDS of people braved heavy rains to see globally famous evangelist, Benny Hinn preach at River Park Ministries in East London last night.

SPREADING THE WORD: Global evangelist Benny Hinn ministers to thousands of Christians who braved last night’s rain to attend the 2014 Get Ready conference at River Park in East London Picture: SINO MAJANGAZA
SPREADING THE WORD: Global evangelist Benny Hinn ministers to thousands of Christians who braved last night’s rain to attend the 2014 Get Ready conference at River Park in East London Picture: SINO MAJANGAZA

Hinn was invited as a guest preacher for the 2014 Get Ready Conference.

He told the enthusiastic crowd that packed the auditorium that if people wanted revival they need the Holy Spirit.

“All of us as believers, the Holy Spirit is all we have and need,” he said.

Many had asked him about Jesus, to which he had said: “He is the sweetest, most gracious, kind, tender, colourful, exciting person I’ve met.”

Hinn spoke about the Christian Trinity and how believers had been given life through the finished works of Jesus Christ.

He also touched on the Holy Spirit and how it was “Jesus unlimited”.

People from all walks of life flocked to the venue to see a man known around the world for performing miracles.

Rose Magaqa, 68, said she had waited in anticipation to see what God could do for her through Hinn.

“In 2001 I received healing from just watching Benny Hinn at my house and I decided to come and see him face to face,” she said.

Magaqa said she was at the conference to worship and thank God for all he had done in her life.

“I am not here to worship Benny. He is an anointed man of God, that we can not deny,” she said.

Another believer, Nonzwakazi Xabakashe, echoed Magaqa’s sentiments saying Hinn discouraged people from worshipping him instead of God.

“There are always people that God entrusts to spread the gospel and do miraculous things and Benny is one of them. We had to come here and see God do miracles and wonders,” said Xabakashe

Thembisa Msauli said it first time at the conference.

“I am trusting God for healing because all the people I’ve heard talk about Benny they had received healing,” she said.

Msauli said was diabetic and was losing her eyesight.

Many who gathered outside the auditorium were trusting God for supernatural healing through Hinn. There were different age groups, from teenagers to pensioners and different racial groups.

“My sister was healed by Benny and I believe I will leave this place feeling refreshed and healed,” Bukelwa Luxomo said.

“We want complete healing both spiritually and physically,” she said.

Lindiwe Skenjane, 65, said 2014 was the year of favour and it was eve desire to see that favour over their lives.

“I want to know more and wisdom and see favour in my life,”  Skenjane said.


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  1. Surely it is not neutral, factual or objective when a journalist states that Hinn is “known around the world for performing miracles”? Firstly, I doubt whether he is widely known outside US televangelist circles, or their local prosperity-cult proxies – he would certainly not be widely recognised in India or China, for example. Secondly, it may well be that some believe that he performs “miracles”, but to state it as a fact that he actually DOES so betrays a bias towards the world of faith and superstition that is not appropriate in a news article.

  2. Make sure this man does not make you part with your cash. Another flashy charlatan producing miracles..yeah right.
    East London is the perfect place for this man.

  3. Let’s get something straight. Jesus Christ would never sell tickets for people to come hear Him preach! Yet Benny has no problem doing that. Just take away Mr. Hinn’s money, and his faith collapses. Because his empire is built on the praises of men, and not the praises of Heaven! If anyone is truly saved in a Benny Hinn meeting, it is by the pure grace of God, but Benny is still in trouble with The Lord, and he will have to one day give an account before Heaven for misleading millions of people and abusing the Scriptures to line his own pockets!

    Like any man…he still has chance to repent, if he will only listen. He has been warned before by many men and woman of God over the years. It’s all documented. Wake Up sleeping Christians…the wolves lie in wait for you!

    ( I speak as a former follower and supporter of Benny Hinn’s Ministry )

    Evangelist Lance Marchetti – Gonubie

    • The same guy that sent out a mail to his followers asking for donations in order to buy himself a US$36 million Gulftream Jet. Jesus as far as I’m aware merely used a mule. A fool and his money are soon parted!

  4. The Monty Python team would well chuckle today..they could just as easily have chosen the name Benny instead of Brian.
    Its the follows really who are to blame..not the Televangelist. There will always be snake oil salesmen. The same applies to our ruling party…its not Zuma..its his followers.

  5. Well said Abel !

    Funny how these evangelical types are always so wealthy – it’s a miracle – that;s what it is. !
    Perhaps he can bring my bank account back to life.

  6. The harsh truth about Benny Hinn is that he has to know that no-one has been healed of terminal cancer, no quadriplegic has walked out of his rallies, no dead person has come back to life. And since he has to know this, he is much worse than a fool – he is an exploitative, manipulative, money-grubbing parasitic liar. One can tolerate foolishness as a very common human failing, but to lie with such cynicism – to rob the ignorant and the poor, and to keep on doing it for decades – this takes a certain conscious and persistent deviousness that is inexcusable.