Students launch anti-white campaign on Wits campus

A group of students at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg have embarked on a campaign against white people‚ spraying “f***-you” graffiti on T-shirts and walls across campus.

In response‚ the university’s leadership has urged staff‚ students and alumni to oppose the “hurtful” initiative by saying #NotInOurName.


“Students are fed up with whiteness!‚” Simamkele Dlakavu @simamkeleD said via Twitter‚ sharing photos of the protesters.

The campaign‚ the WitsFeesMustFall @WitsFMF movement says‚ is in solidarity with a student who is scheduled to appear before the Human Rights Commission on Wednesday for wearing a T-shirt that had the words “F*** White People” painted on the back.

The details of the case‚ or who the complainant is‚ is not immediately clear. Wits management said while it was unaware of the student’s hearing before the HRC‚ “the individual wearing the T-shirt has been associated with a number of illegal activities on Wits’ campuses in recent weeks‚ which we are investigating‚ in line with the university’s policies and procedures”. It gave no further information.

Rejecting assertions their campaign is racist‚ the WitsFeesMustFall movement states: “We will not be allowed to be accused of reverse racism because according to our understanding‚ there is no such no such thing as whites being victims of reverse racism. Reverse racism is as farce as the rainbow nation” (sic).

“To be racist‚ you need to possess two traits‚ which are power and privilege. The privilege that was gained by over 500 years of slavery and subjugation of black people to colonialism & oppression. The privilege is in the form of a structural‚ institutional‚ & social advantage”.

Wits management labelled the campaign “offensive” and said the graffiti was being removed from campus walls.

The university said it would take action against anyone caught defacing its property.

“As the Senior Executive Team of Wits University‚ we strongly condemn the offensive messages being propagated and we deeply regret the insult that it may cause to members of our community‚” management said in a statement.

“We understand that there are some who would like to manipulate the current political climate and the debates around race in society to deliberately provoke and offend others to suit their own agendas. We need to rise above the cheap politicking…”

The university’s management said it had been advised that legally‚ the campaign may not be a violation of Constitution‚ which provides for freedom of expression unless it constitutes incitement to cause harm. “In this instance‚ while the messages are certainly hurtful‚ we have been advised that they may not directly incite harm.”

Commenting on the assertion by the student protesters that “blacks can’t be racists”‚ Wits management said even if there was credence in their argument that the structure and distribution of power in society is in favour of white people‚ “it is the responsibility of every member of this University to be courteous to‚ and respectful of one another‚ even when we have different views”.

“The statements by the protesting group may or may not be racist‚ they may not be unlawful‚ but they are certainly hurtful and offensive to others.

“Should a member of our University community behave in this regard? We cannot deal with this using security measures. What is required is a social convention‚ through which members of the Wits community rise and say #NotInOurName.”


  1. Interesting that Bikos comment is used to claim that blacks are not racist….Biko said one cannot be a racist unless he has the power to subjugate….. The power lies in blacks hands today and that is undeniable soooo. Now they changed Bikos words “To be racist‚ you need to possess two traits‚ which are power and privilege”and for good measure they add 500 years of oppression. 500 years…..??? maths and history people….and then again for good measure they add that magic word slavery which is a lie….and a myth. It is sad that people make excuses for their own hatred and racism…..Blacks are in charge today but sadly the demonizing of whites which were started by communist groups at home and abroad has never lost momentum…. in fact it is only getting worse.

  2. That’s completely racist, they should all be expelled and it’s inciting hate and possibly violence, so they should be arrested as well. There’s no excuse for this in any society, least of all South Africa. This is likely to start a race war. They must be expelled immediately or be arrested. Freedom of speech does not allow them to cross these boundaries.

    • Yes there are SOME whites that joined the protests…..whites promoting white guilt and self hate…..we call them regressive liberals….if you look carefully at the picture you will notice that there is only one white guy in the front and two white girls observing in the far background……so most are black students protesting using profanity as a tool. The story is being covered correctly……

    • What they are doing is not even very original as they stole the concept from students in the USA……spreading hate is never a good thing.

  3. I would have thought by the time the third generation of kids have evolved after apartheid, ppl would less prone to walking with blinkers on their whole life.
    It just shows that the culture is inbred into ppl, and they will never get anywhere through life like that.

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