Lootlove scolds Emtee for being ‘rude’ to a fan

Emtee (Mthembeni Ndevu) and Lootlove (Luthando Shosha) were recently embroiled in a brief Twitter feud after the TV personality called Emtee out for being “rude” to a fan.

It all started when a fan of the rapper asked Emtee on Twitter about where he could submit his beats‚ in the hopes of working him.

Rapper Emtee
Rapper Emtee

In response‚ Emtee brashly tweeted back‚ saying: “All my producers are award-winning producers so I don’t know bruh.”

This caught Loot’s attention‚ who scolded Emtee for his response‚ claiming that it is “not cool.”

Emtee then hit back at Loot‚ tweeting “Facts ain’t cool I know.”

Not taking this lying down‚ Loot took it further and labelled him “rude.”

“Dude‚ you’re rude. THAT is a fact.”


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