Sadtu disputes Grade R ‘jobs’

Sadtu in the Eastern Cape has accused education authorities of misleading the public by giving them an impression that grade R teachers will get jobs.

This comes after the provincial education department announced yesterday that 1175 Grade R practitioners have been sponsored with bursaries to get a professional qualification which will enable them to teach at schools.

Currently, Grade R practitioners are employed by school governing bodies instead of government, while the Saturday Dispatch understands that some are getting allowances from the department. The education department collaborated with SANTS private higher education institution to train practitioners at 24 support centres across 20 districts in the province.

Sadtu provincial leader Sindisile Zamisa said the union was unhappy about the announcement.

“We don’t agree with the approach followed by the department. They start programme after programme. “If you ask them about those they trained previously and if they absorbed all of them, you will not get an answer.

“Unfortunately our people find themselves as victims because for them they are looking for job opportunities. We are sceptical about this programme,” he said.

He questioned why teacher unions were not consulted before the announcement.

“I can assure you that this is but one more exercise of the department of education to mislead the public. To us, if you are a genuine teacher, unions should be there. Why this is done outside teacher unions? ”

In a joint statement issued by education and SANTS the parties stated this was the third intake of “in-service practitioners” into the study programme.

The programme also trains early childhood district coordinators. “On completion of a SANTS diploma in Grade R teaching, student teachers will be qualified and recognised teachers, who will be able to teach Grade R learners in formal schooling.

The qualification has been approved and recognised by the department of higher education and training for employment in education, accredited by the council on higher education, and is registered with the South African Qualification Authority (Saqa). Beyond the diploma in Grade R teaching, candidates who are successful are able to further upgrade to qualify for the bachelor in education (BEd) foundation phase teaching programme,” the statement said.

Eastern Cape education department spokesman Loyiso Pulumani did not respond to Sadtu’s allegations.

SANTS spokesman Kobie van Zyl said this was a three-year programme with the first intake in 2014.

National Professional Teacher’s Union (Naptosa) provincial executive officer Peter Duminy, welcomed the announcement. —


  1. I am a Bed student in my 3rd year 16 years in the practice I feel that the department are using us to
    lighten the burdens of the grade 1 teachers . we as grade r practitioners work very had we have the same responsibilities of a teacher . we prepare the learners for school.we get traing through the educational department.I am in continues training for 16 years now and what about the expoerienced I gained . I am still on the same salary than those starting in the profession. I feel that after 16 years of practicing there should be some recognition.

  2. I totally agree am a grade R practitioner for 20 years at private schools n now at a government school for 13 years but in the same predicament with a Bed that DoE sponsored a bursary and forced us to study with promises from 2011 now it’s gone to 2019 and am already 62 years..I feel so disgruntled. All my years of dedication and service and will not see a cent. Standing at Unisa queues .. neglecting families , writing exams with grandkids sleeping in the car all for nothing..Please unions do something.

  3. I went to the varsity to to do this course as a grade r teacher .had a certificate that is a yes course I know that I have to up grade my self but no one wants to take you they will tell you itsbthe governingbody who who do the placements for job . what to do now .n still they a telling us about 2019 to finish this course .they must give us jibs to finish our study’s

  4. Hi I am a Gr.R teacher for 6years, completed ECd level 4 and 5. I am currently doing my Bed at Unisa,

    busy with my 14th module. I am saddened about the situation gr R educators find themselves in, ie. no benefits and no financial support from education department for those teachers who so desperately want to further their education. We need to be at workshops regularly to ensure gr 1 learners are well equipped in their Maths and Literacy learning areas. We start working with learners not knowing how to write their names, clean themselves, emotional dependant etc. We are basically laying the foundation for our learners. Why are we not recognized? Why is it that we are seen as less important, being used in the educational system. Please! to the heads in the educational system, help us to also have benefits and earn decent salaries.

  5. My daughter she Sants graduate she can’t even find the voluntary post the schools are so rude now she is so depressed this also make me to be depressed she is moving from one province to another just to look for a voluntary post just to gain more experience if I should have known I should not have encouraged her to follow this career .Education is no longer what is best for the learner .It is about who knows you. If you could see the pain eyes she even cries. I call her day and night about the progress the same answers every day.

  6. I am one of the victims staying with my diploma at home because ido’nt have a relalive in the department sometimes I feel like ican hang my self because I’m ashame of plated with my parents money n community too the department played us pls help 0784191899