Young boy goes extra mile to support others

For 10-year-old Adam Pennacchini, going above and beyond to help the needy comes as naturally as being in the open veld and playing rugby.

The Grade 5 pupil from Selborne Primary selflessly enjoys helping the elderly, young, less fortunate and animals in dire need.

When the Dispatch visited him at school on Tuesday morning, he nervously walked in, wearing a worried look.

Adam Pennacchini, 10, a Grade 5 pupil from Selborne Primary, has touched the lives of many people, especially the needy and elderly Picture: MICHAEL PINYANA

But he soon warmed to the interview and said he could not turn a blind eye when he became aware of a person or animal in need.

Between his school and extramural activities, the avid rugby player finds time to care for his elderly neighbours’ gardens, sometimes driving his father’s lawnmower down the street to render his services, leaving their lawns immaculate.

He also loves feeding the hungry, and is always raiding his mom’s kitchen to feed people who come knocking on their door.

Adam also occasionally makes food hampers for security guards who work in his neighbourhood in Bonza Bay.

“If somebody needs help, I help them. It’s about respect for me. Why leave them suffering if you can help them?” Adam said.

Another favourite for Adam is rescuing homeless or injured animals and taking them home. He feeds and nurses them back to health until they are able to fend for themselves again.

The little man also enjoys studying wildlife on the family farm.

Sharing his stories with the Dispatch, Adam kept saying “the other day”, proving that giving back is a lifestyle for him.

“On weekends I love riding my scooter around, looking for people I can help. There’s always a way to help.

“For me, helping is an honour.”

His mom, Samantha Pennacchini, said: “Seeing him do all that he does is heartwarming. It’s quite taxing getting him to juggle doing what he loves most with what needs to be done, but God helps us.”

Judy Chapman, a neighbour Adam affectionately calls “aunty”, described Adam as an amazing little being.

“Although he is a normal, mischievous little boy, Adam is a people’s person, full of love and compassion for those around him.” —


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