Missing 3-year old found murdered in Parkside

The second creek community is reeling in shock after the body of a three year old girl was found this morning.

The child, who cannot be named until her next of kin has been notified, allegedly went missing around 4pm yesterday afternoon.

The family is too distraught to speak to the media but there will be a meeting with the community, family and ward councillor tomorrow morning.

Bystanders are calling for the law to be harsh on “perverts preying on young children. ”


  1. This people are sick. But still… I have to ask, where were the parents??? I drive through Parkside and Pefferville daily and I always see small little kids out on the streets, with not an adult in site. Let’s not make it so easy for these animals to get to our kids. Please look after your kids.

    • Drugs drugs and more drugs, Parkside is a True copy of Cape Town, I stayed in Parkside for a long time. There is absolutely no order. Shame on you drug dealers

  2. what happened to being a parent also to kids that are not biologically ours? When you see kids these days you see money, people don’t have hearts anymore. Poverty has turned us into monsters who enrich themselves with the blood of innocent souls.