Get comfortable at Your Home Expo

Innovation and novelty are the hallmark of the annual Your Home Expo and this year is no different as exhibitors sell a range of wares to make life more comfortable.

At the Snappy Chef stand salesman Thorne White was doing a brisk trade in magnetic induction stove plates and cookware.

Induction plates are safer because they are not hot to the touch and use less electricity because they can boil a cup of water in one minute and 20 seconds – less than half the time of a kettle.

Yael Tamsut, Eden Brodie and Adam Brodie show off the Click Me heat pads at the Your Home Expo at the BKB building. The pads are activated with a click of a button and warm aching muscles. Picture: BARBARA HOLLANDS

“We come close to selling out of stock every time we come to the Your Home Expo,” White said.

Also making life easier is the AVG stand where manager Mervyn Opperman demonstrated how a smart automated system enabled homeowners to control functions like alarms, lights and pool pumps remotely, using just their cellphones and the internet.

“Or you can wake up, stay in bed and press buttons to open your curtains, turn on some music and switch on your heated floors,” he said.

Less hi-tech but super handy is the non-sticky Stretch and Seal silicone tape which can be stretched and wound around broken pipes.

“It is waterproof so can fix leaks and can also repair electrical pipes. After a few hours it bonds to the pipe and becomes part of it,” salesman Sean Luwe said.

Massage therapy is a big trend at this year’s expo with several stands devoted to the therapeutic benefits of muscle kneading.

Circulution saleswoman Pamela Valensky showed how the Tens Machine soothed muscle pain through a variety of massage styles.

She attached two pads to the reporter’s tense shoulders which, at a flick of a button, emitted pleasantly powerful bio-electric nerve stimulations. “You can attach the pads to your body under your clothes and have a Chinese massage without anyone knowing,” Valensky said.

Click Me heating packs are colourful liquid-filled pouches that also sooth aching muscles. A click activates the sodium acetate which heats up in a flash.

Click Me co-owner Adam Brodie said the packs originated in the Russian army years ago.

Sink into a R35000 Electromedics massage chair and you may have to be levered out. Owning this chair is like having a physiotherapist in your lounge. It reclines and massages from head to toe in a range of pressures.

lTickets for the Your Home Expo cost R40 for adults, R20 for pensioners and R15 for scholars.

The expo is at the BKB building in Fitzpatrick Road, Arcadia and is open from 10am to 5pm until tomorrow. –


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