It’s ‘happily ever after’ for Blessing

“Baby Blessing”, the newborn baby rescued from a bush near the beach in Gonubie last week, will be moving to his “happily ever after” home very soon.

Blessing was found by a gardener who was searching for his employer’s missing cat last Tuesday. Thanks to the feline’s walkabout, the tiny baby was found with his umbilical cord still attached. The little one, who has crept into everyone’s hearts, was discharged from Frere Hospital yesterday.

Baby Blessing at home after spending his first days at Frere Hospital after he was found . Picture: MICHAEL PINYANA

Not only has he a host of fans on social media but that love has manifested in donations of clothes and toys, messages of love and offers for adoption.

At only nine days, Baby Blessing left Frere with “blessings” of two boxes full of donated items. He weighed about 2.9kg.

He will spend the next three months in a temporary home before he joins his forever family.

East London Child Welfare adoption social worker Tricia Haywood said Blessing’s case was a definite success story.

“We picked him up from the hospital yesterday [Wednesday] afternoon and placed him in a temporary safe place where he will stay for three months,” Haywood said.

She added that during this waiting period, an advertisement would be placed – which is the process for all abandoned babies – giving the biological parents an opportunity to come forward and claim the baby.

“But in Blessing’s case it would seem unlikely as they [parents] would probably be charged with attempted murder and their rights would be revoked, she said, adding: “He has already been matched with prospective adoptive parents who have been screened and approved”.

The Dispatch visited Blessing yesterday at the undisclosed place of safety and his temporary caregiver said he was doing well.

Frere Hospital chief executive Rolene Wagner said any donations could still be dropped off at Frere Hospital on the fourth floor of the main building at room 4.75 or room 4.61.

“Thank you to everyone for the love and support shown to our little tiger, baby Blessing,” Wagner said on the hospital’s Facebook page.