Family keep car as surety after home wall smashed

A Mdantsane family had a rude awakening on the weekend when a car literally crashed on their doorstep, just missing a room where two children lay sleeping.

The shaken family has now decided to impound the car that flew through their boundary wall in the early hours of Sunday, taking half of the wall with it.

LETHAL WEAPON: The car that came crashing through a Mdantsane family’s wall, damaging a tree and missing the house by centimetres, is being kept there until the wall is repaired Picture: SIBONGILE NGALWA

The clock had just struck midnight when the Mgole family in NU3 were woken up by a loud bang, startling the two children awake.

“We heard a loud crash just after midnight, and the kids said there was a vehicle inside our yard, but I kept insisting that it was a car on the street.

“When we looked through the window, we found that a car had flown through our wall and was leaning against the window burglar bars,” Lindiwe Mgole, 64, told the Daily Dispatch yesterday.

Mgole said when they went outside, neighbours had filled their yard to witness the bizarre sight of the Kia vehicle surrounded by destroyed concrete slabs and part of a huge tree inside their yard, as well as the damage to parts of their house.

At the time, the neighbours had already dragged out the driver, a man in his early 30s, who appeared to have no comprehension of the accident he had just caused.

Inside the vehicle, a 12-year-old girl was trapped and crying hysterically.

Fortunately she was able to be removed with just a few scratches, but Mgole said she was shaken and traumatised by the accident.

People in the yard managed to move the car away from the window to a pathway between the house and wall, where it was still standing last night.

Phumeza Bashman, a family relative, said the bizarre scene was “like a movie”.

“When we looked through the window the car was literally leaning against our window but held back by the burglar bars. If it wasn’t for that, the car would have flown straight into the house,” Bashaman said.

Police and paramedics were called as the driver appeared injured and later lost consciousness.

It transpired from the girl that the car did not belong to the driver but to her father, who is a brother-in-law to the injured driver and a policeman.

He was on duty at the time of the accident and did not know the car had been taken by the relative with his daughter inside, according to Mgole.

A meeting between the two families has seen them resolve the incident amicably, and the owner of the car has agreed to repair the damaged wall.

But the Mgole family insisted they would not release the car until the wall was fixed.

“The car’s owner wanted to tow the car out of the yard but we said no, demanding to keep the car as surety because if he took the car he might not come back again.

“Only when he has paid for the quotations to fix the wall will he get his car back,” the family daughter, Phila Mgole, said.

Phila further said the two families had been cooperating, and she hoped their wall would be repaired without any trouble.

The driver of the car was admitted to Cecilia Makiwane Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment.