Invention for geysers cuts power bills dramatically

In a bid to do her bit for the environment, an East London inventor has created a device that reduces the amount of energy used by a geyser. Sandiswa Qayi designed a silicone sleeve called the HotSpot out of frustration at having to continually switch her geyser on and off.

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: East London inventor Sandiswa Qayi holds the hotSpot, which a University of Fort Hare energy researcher says could reduce monthly power bills by 27% Picture: SINO MAJANGAZA

Qayi, who is managing director at her company, Amahlathi Eco Tech, was taking part in the Grassroots Innovations programme when she created the HotSpot. The sleeve is fitted to a geyser’s element to heat water in the tank more efficiently.

Grassroots Innovators hailed the sleeve as a solution for reducing the cost of a geyser’s energy consumption by heating water as and when one needs it. “Switching a geyser on and off like many people do only affects an electricity bill on a certain kind of geyser, and only when done during strategic times during the day,” Qayi said.

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