From accounting to beauty game

For years he worked as an auditor, but one day he decided to leave the industry and trade his calculator, pens and suits for scissors and curling irons.

CUTTING EDGE DECISION: Auditor-turned-salon owner Moses Mbedhli officially opened his Mo Style Studio in Beacon Bay yesterday Picture: SISIPHO ZAMXAKA

Moses Mbedhli, 39, officially opened his hair salon, Mo Style Studio, located at Beacon Bay Retail Par.

The numbers man said he felt he was missing out on family life when he worked as an auditor.

The stylish father of a five-year-old boy said changing careers was about leaving behind a legacy. “I have always been passionate about fashion and style. My vision was initially to start up an all-male barber shop, but when I had a look at the East London market, I decided to cover women and children.

“We offer an up-market, experienced service to the working people of the city, and the most important thing for me was to show my son that it is never too late to follow your passion.”

He said he hoped that when his son grew up, “he can look back and say ‘this is what my dad has done’, but what is also important to me is that I don’t want to dictate or prescribe to him which path to choose”.

The Limpopo-born businessman said he realised his passion for making people look and feel good two years ago.

Before getting into the grooming business he held a senior position at Deloitte.

“If our school system taught us to focus on following our passion more than choosing a career and going to school, it would inspire a lot of people.

“One thing about being in the accounting and auditing field I realised was that I didn’t really belong there because of my personality. I like to interact with people and I don’t see myself reviewing reports anymore.”

With the support of his family, he said the transition from a desk job to having more time to focus on life was a natural one.

“It is not as easy as just leaving your job and starting something new, but with introspection I have gone through a lot of reading in terms of self-motivation books. I started reading Start with why by Simon Sinek, and realised that something was missing in my life, and it helped formulate the plan to get to where I belong.”

Mo Style Studio offers a variety of hair services and treatments, and has a nail bar.

“I want to make sure that people always look their best by offering good hairstyles because everyone wants to look and feel good. I am thankful for the support we have received, that has been overwhelming, and through this I would like to encourage others to follow their dreams and passion by putting in their all.”

While he might not be actively involved in the auditing and accounting field, he has not “completely divorced” himself from the industry, and remains involved at the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, where he will participate on the board to “give back to the profession”. —



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