Kwazulu-Natal man drops k-word‚ calls student a “Zuma agent” in racist KFC incident

A Durban student has decried another apparent racist attack at a KFC – this one at the drive-through in Westville‚ Durban‚ on Monday.

This followed a similar incident at a KFC in Montana‚ Pretoria‚ in which a man was badly beaten in a race-driven brawl last week.

University of KwaZulu-Natal student‚ Piko Sipunzi‚ speaking to TimesLIVE‚ said that the drama began when his order of chicken held up a queue of cars.

“I was in the front of the line and this guy behind me started revving his car so aggressively and then hooting because he wanted me to move. I was waiting for my food so I don’t know what he expected me to do‚” he said.

Sipunzi‚ who posted videos and pictures on his Facebook page‚ said the man’s ire had grown‚ and that he called him a “Zuma agent” and various other expletives including the k-word. He ended his post with the quip: “Well played ballie‚ get ready to become famous.”

The Facebook post had been shared 270 times by Wednesday afternoon and the video viewed more than 30 000 times.

“I got out the car and this guy did as well. He said that we black people were all the same and that my parents had probably been stealing from the country like Jacob Zuma. It was then that he called me a k**fir‚” Sipunzi said.

The student said that their altercation had escalated‚ with the man‚ whose identity is known to TimesLIVE‚ had threatened him with a stick.

“He pulled a stick out of his boot and he chased me around with it. I pulled out my phone and I just kept asking him why he would call me a k**fir‚” he said.

Sipunzi said that the man had eventually sped off and then waited for him to leave the drive-through before following him home.

“He came to my house and was begging me not to post the video on Facebook. He said he was having a tough time in his life with a divorce or something‚ but that doesn’t give you the right to be a racist. There is no excuse for that.”

Sipunzi said he would not lay criminal charges.

Repeated attempts were made to contact the other party in the altercation. He did not respond to calls or messages on Wednesday or Thursday.


Source: TMG Digital.


  1. I just see him calling himself names. The white bloke is not doing anything to him. Why did he, the student, not just get in his car and be quiet. Why did he make such a scene. Why do these attacks get put on tv and social media but when white people r attacked and murder, it’s kept under raps?