South Africa’s NSFAS “millionaire” student speaks…

The Walter Sisulu University (WSU) student who received a R14 million windfall instead of a R14 100 “food allowance” from NSFAS has spoken out.

For three months, from 1 June to 13 August she arguably became the richest full-time student in South Africa.

In a message to her friends today (Wednesday) – which followed the storm that came after reports of the “erroneous” payment made to her student account – she blamed NSFAS for the mistake. She claimed that she was the one who notified authorities.

“(They) allocated more money in a wrong account and that account happened to be mine. So I don’t deny anything…the money was loaded on the  1st june and reversed on the 13th August. But the question is how did it happen to be public news. The answer is still simply and right in front of us…(they) forget to mention one part that… I reported the matter to the authorities,” she said.

The student was credited with R14million “food allowance” three months ago and so far has spent R818 000 of the windfall. This means that she spent at least R10 900 per day over the period.

The student was meant to have receive a R14 100 allowance paid out in equal amounts over a 10 month period, for the year.

Instead she found herself an instant millionaire.

WSU spokeswoman Yonela Tukwayo admitted that the student had “erroneously” received R14 million in her account and that a forensic investigation was underway.

“The funds were allocated to the student’s IntelliCard, which is the debit card administered by IntelliMali,” she said. Tukwayo said WSU management will meet with IntelliMali CEO Michael Ansell, this afternoon (Wed) to discuss the matter further and “probe how such an error could have occurred and go undetected over (the) period”.

The student’s account, said Tukwayo, has since been blocked and the remaining balance recovered.

“The student has been advised by the University that they will remain liable for the money that she has spent,” she said.

*This is a developing story. More details will be in tomorrow’s edition of the Dispatch.


  1. R14100 for grocceries wow I have a family of 3 and my total for the whole year is less then that! She says she reported it but still went and spent all that money! WSU says they will pay in money she spent I wonder how many students would they be able to allow to go to college for that amount!

  2. Comment:how should this child going to pay this lot of money should she sell her body to recover the money? never niyagula

  3. If you have noticed that money was erroneosly been sent to your account , how do you still ridiculously spend it ? Yes a brainless mistake was made , but in her mind …….who will be responsible to pay back the money?

  4. yey, khaniyekeni umntana. he was going through a moment of weakness like anyone of us would. she did what any of us would have done if were under the same circumstances. Dont come here with that wana be self righteous attitude. the fault there was for nsfas not that poor girl. and i hope the government will not destroy the future of that girl over this. besides it was just a flipping 800k for Christ sake! how much money is being wasted in this country by the people of the higher authority? instead of judging this poor girl how about we support her? camon people buphi uBuntu?

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