Mom stabs daughter’s 3 ‘rapists’

An Eastern Cape woman has stabbed a man to death and wounded two others, allegedly when she found them gang-raping her 27-year-old daughter.

A mother has stabbed three men who raped her daughter Picture: FILE

The incident occurred at an unoccupied house in the Qumbu administrative area in Zwartwater near Komani at the weekend.

The woman, who is from Lady Frere, was arrested on Saturday over the death of Zamile Siyeka and injuries of Xolisa Siyeka and Mncedisi Vuba, who are both in the Frontier Hospital in Komani.

She appeared in the Lady Frere Magistrate’s Court on Monday and was released on R500 bail.

She is not being named to protect the identity of her daughter, as she is believed to be the victim of a sexual offence.

The mother said she was at her home when she was called by her daughter’s friend, who told her that her daughter was being gang-raped by knife-wielding men.

“I called the police but could not report the matter as the phone was not answered.

“I then reported this to the village headman.

“He then went on to call the police while I went to search for my child,” she said.

She said she used her cellphone torch to search for her daughter as it was after 1am.

“While we were busy looking, I heard someone screaming from a dark, unoccupied house and I went straight there.

“I opened the door and used my phone for light.

“As I stood near the door, I saw three men naked on the bed with my child,” she said.

She said she noticed that one of the men was in front of her daughter, the other one was behind her with the knife while the third one was kneeling down.

“I asked them what they are doing and they came running straight to me.

“I then used my knife to protect myself from the three dangerous men.

“I ducked the first one and stabbed him.

“The second one came and I struggled with him, finally managing to stab him while I was already on my knees.

“I then stabbed the third one trying to escape through the window,” she recalled.

The mother said after seeing the three men raping her child, she just lost control.


Zwartwater village headman Mzukisi Sigqolana said the village was shocked by the incident.

“The men were problematic in the village.

“I have had numerous meetings with their families regarding their behaviour.

“The residents of this village are all behind the woman and have promised to support her throughout the trial,” said Sigqolana.

Ward 9 councillor Linda Fatyela said the village was now quiet since the mother had stabbed the men.

“These boys were causing problems for the community, although it is sad that one of them has died.

“But our aim is to live in a peaceful village without fearing for our lives,” Fatyela said.

The woman will be back in court on October 8. —



    • Well done you are such an inspiration to every woman I wish the justice of South Africa would be fair to such people so as to minimise the crime rate of women in South Africa.

  1. She actually did the world justice. Pity she gets charged for self defense. The justice system is unfair.

    Also who proof reads your articles? The grammar is appalling.

  2. Well done nkosikazi. Kuvuke inimba kwafanele ukhusele umntanakho. Kazba bakubopheleni? Ziyenziwa izinto kweli lizwe kodwa akubotshwa mntu. Wena ngokukhusela uyavalelwa. Sebenzile njengomfazi, njengonozala, failing which bebezoni raper banibulale nobabini.

    • Yes,unfair,what a stupid,law,so they protect the criminals,thats all that will work in sa,law in own hands.the police should be proud of her.maybe the offiser was sleaping on they don’t want us to protect ourselfs.

  3. This is what the word woman means a fighter, a protector, a shield, a safe place and a mother who protect our young!!!!!!!!!!! GOD GAVE YOU STRENGTH AND COURAGE AND YOU TOOK IT WITH PRIDE I SALUTE YOU!!!!!!

  4. Well done my mother we will protect u we are sick and tired of these people who are committing crime and nothing is done about them well done my hero

  5. She did a good thing she shouldn’t even been going to court for this, that’s the problem in south Africa when it’s like you can’t even protect yourself cause you’ll end up going to jail.. I pray this lady walks out free cause she did the right thing anyone would have done that to protect they child.

  6. I always tell my family and friends that the people living in the townships or villages and squatter camps might be struggling and have poor upbringings, but they have very high morals especially the older folks and they don’t take any bullsh.. from tjotsis.She is a hero and her defence is that she had to protect herself in anycase.
    It is like I can see the whole fight in my mind how she took these 3 cowards on.Well done!!

  7. Good job Mzali, as for the police they were doing their job by arresting her. She should’ve been released wth a free bail atleast. The law of this country of ours is failing us bigtym, NO enough is enough people!!!

  8. Unfortunately I do not know all the facts, but what was this young lady doing away from home at 01:00 in the morning?
    Where did she meet these men and ended up alone with them in an abandoned dwelling?
    Be that as it may; if this was an act of rape, I fully support uMama who had to protect her baby girl and in the process made sure that these 3 coward criminals will never do it again. Nkosikazi, I salute you! I keep your baby girl in my prayers and trust that she will pull through this horrible experience. ✌

  9. I know these these guys and its not the first time they doing this and getting away with it because the community is scared of them and the ploice a pretty useless when it comes to them,we always fear for our lives around them……… Should have killed them all….. Baninzi should serve as a lesson or a warning to others in this village

  10. I have much respect for this mother,she took the correct steps and called the police,her urgent call was not attended to.I believe her,she reacted in pure panic and self defence and in her circumstances as one women, she had no other alternative,glad she was strong enough to defend herself and her daughter.Please do not harm this woman for doing what is her right to protect herself and her child.

  11. What a mother love ,madam you are a hero ,that is a brilliant thing to doooo , these rapist are more than disgusting I wish those to left to die too and never rise even bin Paradise….

  12. Unjalo ke umzali! Praying for mother and daughter to be strong through this time. Justice must be done for the two… lo ubhubhileyo sele encedakele.

  13. I can’t even imagine how she felt when she saw these men on her baby….that’s enough to drive a mother crazy. This is when I disagree with the law in our country. ….this woman and her daughter are the victims!!

  14. I want to follow this story… How do I do that?
    That woman should be let free… Should NOT be charged at all!!!
    I really want to know how this is goimg to turn out.
    Our justice system needs some changes. We SHOULD be able to protect ourselves and our families without consequences!!!

  15. Well done my mother “mmagongwana oswarathipa kabogaleng,thinks again to protect you child from HIV,STI,s & unplan pregnancy,o bile Mohlala o mokaone go batswadi.

  16. She should have killed them all we r tired of these animals raping and killing women pity our justice system has to arrest her for protecting her daughter and self defending herself…now she has to face the fact that shes now a murderer such trauma it is to this poor woman ..I salute ur action

  17. Good, you have done justice for your daughter, no one could have protected her. I’m sure the community is gonna be a safe place to live for everybody not only the criminals.
    I salute you, could have done the same.

  18. If the police are not able to protect the community, what other choice is there but to take the law into our hands. She should just be given a suspended sentence.

  19. You did a great job mama. Hongera sana Strong women…….Let’s protect one another in all form of evils…… Hoping the court will be fair to you

  20. Mama you are a trough worrier I would have done the same thing we all behind you and the said part the law started by you I wish the two will also die like dogs.

  21. Well done MOTHER, You have the right to PROTECT Your daughter, Let it be known that our police telephone lines should be open and easy to be contacted to.
    I am sad about your daughter and for you to mother, GOD WILL BE WITH YOU



  22. I hope the Court makes an example of these rapists! More importantly I hope this mother and daughter get justice and that the mom does not have to PROVE that she was doing this in self-defense. The justice system protects the accused in our country. We should support her as a nation. The fact that she even has to be out on bail or even pay bail is just outrageous!

  23. I wish the three of the rapists were killed i this rape has been happening in my village many times Police are not protecting the victims at Lady Frere Police station you will be waisting your time to report any sort of crime there is no justice at Lady Frere eCumakala uzunywa ubulawe .

  24. I would have killed them myself! She is a true hero to the little girl and the whole of south Africa. I admire her! lets all stand behind this Mbokodo!!

  25. It is just said to have the being arrested for protecting her child while the police office lines are never answered on time. Mom u deserve the hero of the year award for your brave and boldness. Our mithers and daughters are raped and murdered on a daily basis in villages and nothing is being done. Salute To woman fight with no fear to protect their beloved ones

  26. How about asking what the 3 men were doing away from their homes at 1 am in the morning?? or what they all met or ended up with her in any place?? how are these questions relevant to them raping her??

  27. You did the right thing jst imagine sieeng it yourself I would also done the same,God forgave you already she will have to live wth it for the rest of her life,and what bout Aids.You should have killed all of them.They don’t deserve to be in sociaty

  28. I would have done the same if it was any of my 2 daughters. Hope there is a attorney out there that will represent this women for free so that she can go home a free women.

  29. She should NOT be charged but given a medal for being so brave protecting her daughter from raping and possibly being murdering. The justice system protects the murderers and rapist how disgusting. Hope the other 2 men rot in hell. Well done brave mother.

  30. Mama Bear, claws came out and that is exactly what any mother would have done. I salute you mama, it is only natural to protect our children. Let it go to court and you will come out utshaya. Those bastards deserved everything they got, theh asked for it

  31. The fact that the mother was arrested is prescribed actions according to the current laws. HOWEVER: she should plead “temporary insanity due to serious agrevation and self defense”. The definition for self defense: “The act of harming another in defending your own life or that of another from immediate or imminent danger” (loosely transcribed). I know of a case where a man came home to find his wife being raped. He immediately became so aggregated that he grabbed the man, put his madod in a bench vice and started to cut it. He realised that he was going to kill the offender and called the police and ambulance services. He was found not guilty of attempted murder as the court saw this as self defense and temporary insanity due to serious aggregation.

    If this happened to my child I would have done exactly the same.

  32. WELL DONE MAMA!!!!!!!!Mmangwana o tshwara thipa ka fa bogaleng, You are a real Hero I support you and thanks the almighty Lord for giving the courage the be strong and qwaza those dogs you could have called me I would have brought my 20Litre petrol and burn them……love you Mamas

  33. Well done mama wenze into ibizokwenziwa nguye wonke umzali xa ebona ingelosi yakhe iphahlwe zizikrelemqa zemigila mkhuba usebenzile ntombi yasemzini wanga u Thixo angakwandisela iminyaka yakho le 2 iseleyo mayibolele ejele yona

  34. Well done mom, no need to be arrested, what if those other guys killed all three ladies would that be ok according to South African law, Mom I wish you should have killed them all those thugs, Rapist,

    When is the trial 8 October is Sunday

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