MEC visits mother who ‘killed’ rapist

Social Development MEC Nancy Sihlwayi, with the departments officials, visited the home of the 56-year-old Qumbu village woman in Zwartwater, near Queenstown, who allegedly stabbed and killed one of her daughter’s three alleged rapists and wounding two on Wednesday.

Sihlwayi’s reason for the visit is to try and calm the affected families and also outline government’s interventions in the community.

Eastern Cape social development MEC Nancy Sihlwayi

The mother, who cannot be named to protect the identity of her daughter who is an alleged rape victim, is out on R500 bail for the September 2 alleged gang rape at an unoccupied house in the village.

She and her daughter have been offered emotional support and counselling while NGOs and general citizens have offered to help the mother with her legal costs.

The social workers received a warm welcome from the mother, who told them her story and how she had suffered since the incident.

Speaking about the visit, the department’s spokesman Mzukisi Solani said the young girl who alerted the mother of the alleged rape has been under severe distress after allegedly being blamed for the death of one of the rapists.

“The MEC has also made resources available to the girl that alerted the mother to the alleged gang rape after she tried to commit suicide. She was being victimised by her community,” he said.