WATCH: No grant for disabled woman facing ID problem

A desperate young disabled Butterworth woman has spoken of her battle to get her identity document from Home Affairs, preventing her from receiving a disability grant.

Nikita Bantubonke, 19, said she had made numerous visits to Home Affairs after she applied a year ago, and nothing had come out of the department.

Life is tough for Bantubonke. She had a seizure at three months old which left her with physical problems.

Her upper body is paralysed, her bladder and bowels do not function well and she has mental disabilities.

Her adoptive mother, Noxolo Bantubonke, angrily claims that Home Affairs officials have been giving them the run-around for 12 months.

She is also in desperate need of a wheelchair.

Noxolo said: “I have lost count of how many times I have been to the local hospital for a wheelchair.”

Both parents are unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

“We have to hire a taxi to take her to hospital because she cannot walk. We now depend on handouts ,” Noxolo said.

Home Affairs spokesman Thabo Mokgola said: “We have instituted an immediate investigation into the matter. The provincial manager for Home Affairs in the Eastern Cape will delegate officials to contact the young lady with a view to prioritise and resolve the case.”




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