Maths and science exhibit inspires: Support project sees pupils shine

With the aim of increasing pupils’ interest in science and improving their presentation skills, farm school Canaan Academy in Bongweni informal settlement in East London and non-profit Community Action Africa held their annual maths and science exhibition on Monday last week.

ACQUIRING SKILLS: Canaan Academy Grade 11 pupil Asisipho Mabuza explains her poster project to guests during a science and maths exhibition. Picture: SUPPLIED

Community Action Africa (CAA) provides support programmes that target pupils in disadvantaged schools in East London and surrounding rural areas.

The programme focuses specifically on pupils who struggle in maths and science.

The programme also offers support in English, assisting both teachers and pupils to improve their literacy levels.

The programme also stimulates excitement about learning, helps pupils develop effective writing skills and helps build confidence through inter-school debate competitions.

At the exhibition, which also doubled as a cultural day, pupils from the school demonstrated their completed projects to invited guests.

Some of the projects that stood out included a simple DC motor fan, a generator and an electric bell, as well as life sciences exhibitions on the respiratory and urinary systems and a water cycle. During the event, the pupils explained their projects and what they had learnt in the process of completing them.

Grade 10 pupil Qhamisa Ntlan- gula said she had enjoyed working in a team with her peers on their project.

She said it had been very difficult at times but with the guidance from teachers, her group had managed to complete their project.

“What was really fun for me was using all sorts of different material to make one object. We had to really think out of the box in deciding what we wanted to make and how we would make [it] considering the limited resources we had,” she said.

Canaan Academy school principal Godfrey Nyanzi said the exhibition served as a platform for Grade 10 to 12 pupils to present their science projects that they had been working on during the year.

The principal said it was important to invite parents to see what their children were doing at school and encourage them to support their children.

“It is important to host such events for pupils as a way to motivate students with science and give them a space where they can share their projects and ideas with their friends, parents and people who visit the fair.

“This also contributes immensely to the social development of pupils at the school,” he said.

CAA director Musa Sebugwawo said the organisation encouraged teachers to introduce interesting and fun ways of learning maths and science in class.

“As an organisation, we encourage teachers to use whatever materials are easily available to them to make the teaching and learning of technical subjects easy and interesting.

“It is very important to have such events to encourage and motivate pupils to take maths and science,” he said.


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