Chicken prices fall as cost of daily needs rises

While the price of a dozen eggs has increased over the past month, consumers will be pleased to note that chicken prices have decreased.

A dozen eggs, which cost R25.98 last month, now cost R29.58 this month, a R3.60 increase.

Another increase can be noted in the price of a pocket of potatoes, which went from R10.99 last month to R11.99, an increase of R1.

A loaf of brown bread went from R10.29 and increased by 70c to a new price of R10.99.

Sunflower cooking oil also increased, going from R14.99 to R15.99.

A kilogram of chicken pieces is the only grocery item which decreased in price, going from R49.90 to a slightly lower price at R43.

December prices are as follows:

A pocket of potatoes now costs R11.99;

A dozen eggs now cost R29.58, up from R25.98 last month;

Butternut prices remained at R12.99, the same price as last month;

A kilogram of chicken pieces costs a lower R43.00, a R6.90 saving from last month’s price of R49.90;

A 750ml bottle of sunflower cooking oil went from R14.99 to a higher price increase;

The price of a kilogram of maize meal remained the same price as last month at R8.99; and A litre of milk increased by R1, going up from R9.99 to R10.99. — zisandan@dispatch