Urgent clean-up ahead of festive season

With the festive season and its hordes of tourists approaching, Buffalo City Municipality has gone into overdrive getting its beaches summer ready.

A Daily Dispatch visit to Gonubie, Nahoon and Eastern beaches on Thursday found workers busying themselves in many areas, and a return visit yesterday showed much had been done to clear away litter and clean up ablution facilities.

Along the city’s Esplanade, the stretch running between the lifesavers’ shack and Buccaneers was covered in trash on Thursday morning but when the Saturday Dispatch visited it yesterday the site was spotless.

While sections of the small brick wall which runs along the Esplanade sidewalk are still in disrepair and sections of the concrete pavement are still missing, there is construction taking place for a 200m stretch from the EL Aquarium towards the lifesaver’s shack.

Samkelo Ngwenya, BCM spokesman, said each year: “Preparations [are made] for the festive season to manage the influx of the public to various beaches and amenities.

“Presently these sections include the public beaches and associated tidal pools, public swimming beaches, picnic areas and related public open spaces including the Orient Beach and Waterworld pay complexes.”

The Gonubie Boardwalk has been temporarily closed to the public as labourers try to repair the broken railings along the boardwalk. This has resulted in early morning runners having to traverse the rocky shore to get from one end of the beach to the other.

Valerie Knoetze, chairwoman of the Gonubie Ratepayer and Residents’ Association, said that the repairs being done to the boardwalk were temporary until a total rebuild planned for July next year.

Knoetze said vandals had destroyed the boardwalk but believed that the installation of cameras near the boardwalk would help catch or deter them in future.

“We have asked to have extra toilets and recycling bins put at the beach during the holiday period. BCM have said that they will have people clean the beach after Christmas and New Year’s Eve,” Knoetze said.

Work has also begun to tidy up Nahoon Point Reserve. Kevin Cole, chairman of the Nahoon Reserve Management Committee, said: “We have started working on the main boardwalk and lookout. Our focus is where the public has immediate access to. This will be ready in time for the holidays.”


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