Long queues take toll at home affairs

Hundreds of citizens who needed help from the East London Home Affairs department had to wait for hours in long queues yesterday morning due to a network failure.

TEST OF PATIENCE: Home Affairs systems being offline have caused long queues of frustrated citizens in East London Picture: RANDELL ROSKRUGE

Some citizens sat on the pavement, others stood in line shielding their faces with newspapers and documents from the scorching sun.

Some had been there for over three hours. Home affairs staff came out regularly to update them on the delay and urge patience as there was no knowing how long it would last.

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  1. Very unpleasant experience at home affairs. Floor manager Mr Khota very abrupt, unmannered and unhelpful. Was told home affairs closes at 3:30 and personnel started leaving at 3:40. Heaven forbid one expects service delivery.

  2. Is thus news? The disgusting fact is that this photograph is an indication of queues EVERYWHERE! And you can supposedly work online, but you still have to spend DAYS in the queues?!

  3. I’ve tried everthing to sort out my ID with no success I don’t know where to go now or who can help us in home affairs in this South Africa things are just getting worse.

  4. I have been trying all week to get into the building. Today I’m inside but there are people standing in a long queue in the rain. But there are plenty of seats inside! Yesterday they told us to go home and come back at 6am to get a number to get inside. When asked why they are closing the doors before 3pm they said there are too many people and that they do not get paid enough money. Home affairs is supposed to close at 16:00?

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