Traffic delayed as Fleet Street upgrades resume

Motorists are again having to contend with roadworks in Fleet Street although this time, according to Buffalo City Metro, the disruptions will be mainly confined to weekends.

IMPROVEMENTS: Construction workers were yesterday busy with roadwork’s at the intersection of Buffalo and Fleet streets in the CBD Picture: BHONGO JACOB

The work, which caused traffic to move slower than normal, started on Friday afternoon.

The metro spokeswoman Bathandwa Diamond said: “Work scheduled for the weekend of March 9 was on the Buffalo Street and Fleet Street intersection to remove a bump on the southern side of Buffalo Street to make the road even.”

She said the upgrades on that part of the road were completed yesterday morning. “Similar road works will also continue on the northern side of the street this weekend from Friday, March 16 to Sunday, March 18 in order to avoid traffic disruptions. This project was put on hold due to the January8 celebrations and the Ironman triathlon.”

Diamond urged all motorists to use the Beaconsfield Drive and Gillwell Road as alternative routes during the upgrades.

Meanwhile, regular motorists on the road said the continuing upgrades were a huge inconvenience. Taxi driver Mongezi Sabi said that traffic had been interrupted. “They chose a bad time and day to do their maintenance work on these roads. Fridays are always hectic and I hope they finish this off before pay days.”

His sentiment was echoed by Buhle Mafanya, who said the metro seldom informed residents about roadworks in the area.

“We understand they have to make the road better but the traffic really becomes a problem.

“ They must communicate with us so that we are aware, it will make life a lot easier than to just get to the road and be stuck in traffic.”

Siyamthanda Mhlaba said BCM should try to finish the upgrades by the Easter weekend. “They must make sure it’s all finished by the busy weekends.

“They can’t just keep on working on the same road forever. They have been doing upgrades on this road for years; they must finish off and move on to others.”


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