West Bank’s truck menace

Official silence has greeted the noisy complaints of residents of East London’s West Bank suburb over grain trucks which have clogged the streets.

A car has collided with a truck, and drivers are sleeping in their cabs for weekends, using the neighbouring grass and bush for their ablutions, upset residents say.

AUGUST 12, 2016 TRUCK OFF … West Bank, East London, residents are upset with giant grain trucks which parked in Bank and Dale streets for up to three days as they wait on weekends to get into the grain terminal. Drivers are camping, abluting, and blocking the sidewalks and there has been at least one crash with a sedan. PICTURE SUPPLIED
TRUCK OFF: East London’s West Bank residents are upset with giant grain trucks that clog Bank and Dale streets for up to three days over weekends, even causing accidents as seen in this picture. Drivers are camping out, relieving themselves and blocking pavements Picture: SUPPLIED

Buffalo City Metro spokesman, Sibusiso Cindi, responded to Saturday Dispatch queries saying: “At the moment I have not received any feedback”.

Transnet Port Authority also did not respond.

West Bank resident Linda-Marie van der Merwe said the grain carrier trucks were unable to get into the terminal and were a health and road hazard.

“They just park in the streets of West Bank near the harbour entrance for two to three days. There are no ablutions available to the truck drivers.

“There is not enough space in the streets for residents to pass and this morning there was an ugly accident when a car hit one of the stationary trucks parked in Bank Street.”

“Two trucks came down a single road next to each other, forcing me off the road.”

Saturday Dispatch contacted Tip-Transcape to query why the trucks were unable to get into the harbour but a receptionist said the relevant person to talk to was out. — mikel@dispatch.co.za


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